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Lands held by this branch of the family extended "westward in the lands of Derculich, netwixt the Tummel and the Tay, and eastwards into Strathardle and Glenshee, while the Clan was also settled in the upper part of Glenisla.
[Records of the Clan..., 1895 ]


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Timeline from Records of the Clan and Name of Fergusson, Ferguson and Fergus, by James Ferguson and Robert Menzies Fergusson, Edinburgh, 1895. Supplement to same published 1899.

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729 This is much the oldest Atholl Clan and probably dates from Pictish times. At one time, the North part of Atholl, including the greater part of this district, lay within the territory of the Northern Picts. Angus McFergus, the King of Fortrenn, or of the Southern Picts, defeated and killed the King of the Northern Picts at a battle fought at Blathvlag, near Loch Broom.   He united both Kingdoms under his rule, and he seems to have adopted the prudent course of establishing a colony of his loyal followers or Fergussons along the old boundary line. Taking the battlefield as a centre, the Fergusson country extended to the Bridge of Cally in the East, and to Cluny in Strathtay in the West.
[Atholl Familes
1232 Gillemichel, the son of Adam, excambs a davoch of the lands of Pitcarmick in Strathardle with the bishop of Moray for the lands of Dolays Michael in Strathspey, Pitcarmick being the farthest west farm of Balmacruchie 12 This entry in the Chartulary of Moray, if it refers to Fergussons at all, proves that the MacAdie Fergussons were established in Strathardle at least as early (as the Fergusson in the Glencairn region of Dumfriesshire). p. 17
1358 Sheriff of Perth is allowed £12 for deforcement made upon him by Robert, son of Duncan (Robertsons of Struan), and Fergus, son of Ade, who failed to give suit for their lands of Balnafert, Ballmacreechie, etc. 32  
1446 Duncan Fergusson had a charter of the lands of Muling. 47 aka Mullion in Logiealmond
1489 In 1489 Robert Fergusson obtains a decree for the restoration of a charter of the lands of dartull and edd'deduna (Derculich and Edradynate), a letter of assedation of the kirklands of Mulyn (Moulin) and Strathardill 42  
1510 Baron John Robertson of Straloch 'being killed at Dunkeld by Stewart of Fincastle, his death was immediately avenged on the said Stewart by Fergusone of Balichainduibh (Bellichandy)' 50 This 1867 map has Upper Ballahandy, Middle Ballahandy and Nether Ballahandy; the latter being closest to the river Tummel.
1539 Robert Fergusson (Derculich) was succeeded by his son William. 43  
1582 Finlay Fergusson of Ballyoukan died. 49  
1612 The original feu-charter of Baledmund is dated 17 Dec 1611 and that of Ballyoukan is dated 1 Jan 1612. 38  
1641 Patrick Fergusson, portioner of Dalshian, etc., grants precept of sasine of Middlehaugh, etc., in favour of his eldest son, Donald Fergusson and Christina Stewart. 47 This 1867 Map shows the Westhaugh of Dalshian, Middlehaugh and Easthaugh of Dalshian as well as Ballyoukan.
1648 Charter by Robert Fergusson of Wester Dunfallandy in favour of John Fergusson (meum filium) his lawful son. 68  
1706 Finlay Fergusson of Pitfourie acts as bailie in a sasine of Middlehaugh. 50 Dane's Stone is often identified with Pitfourie.
1745 The Athole and Strathardle Fergussons went out with Prince Charlie. 40  
1775 Rev. Adam Fergusson, Minister of Moulin, writes a narrative documenting his family history. 110 The narrative ties him to Balmacruchie. This 1867 map shows Baledmund, Pitforuie and Moulin
1818 The present house was built by the General (Archibald Fergusson) in 1818 to take the place of the old House of Dunfallandy which was thatched, and had been burnt down. 82 The old house of Dunfallandy was not thatched, but was 'a two-storey house, with wing at back and slated'
[Note by N. Robertson, Esq., Dunfallandy in Supplement, p. 16
1848 Sir Adam Ferguson writes in a letter that his grandfather, 'the Minister of Logierait, was a younger son of the Laird of Dunfallandy (styled Baron Ferguson) also in Athole. 118  
1895 The Fergusson mansion at Moulin is still known as The Star of Athole. 27 aka Baledmund House

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  2. Supplement to above published in 1899.
  3. Homesteads in Blair Atholl (1783)

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