"Baron Fergusson, whose ancestors had extensive lands, viz. Dumfalandy, the Ten Pound land of Derculich, the Ten Pound land of Dalshian, and the third of Strathairdle and Glenshee, is our stem. Fergusson of Ballyoukan was a son of his, and another son, predecessor to the branch of which Adam Fergusson, Finlay of Middlehaugh, and others are, and said to have sprung from the same stem at the same time."
[Adam Fergusson, Minister of Moulin, 1775 as quoted in Records p. 112]


Descent of the Estate

  1. Fergus FERGUSSON of Bellichandy, said to have been the fourth proprietor from father to son circa 1573; married a Miss REID.
  2. Thomas FERGUSSON bought the property of Wester Balmacruchie in 1575 from David MAXWELL of Tealing. It appears that neither Thomas nor his brother Alexander had male issue for the estate was bequeathed to Adam (V.) son of Fergus.
  3. Alexander FERGUSSON, master of a merchant vessel of Dundee.
V. Adam FERGUSSON (resetted the Clan Gregor in 1613.) Miss BUTTER, his first wife; Miss CUDBERT his second wife. Inherits Balmacruchie from Thomas (IV.). In 1650 Patrick FERGUSON is owner of part of Balmacruchie and Janet FERGUSON of part.
VI. John FERGUSON married Margaret SCOTT.
  1. Adam, d. unmarried.
  2. Alexander (VIII).
  3. Thomas, children but none married.
  4. David, may have emigrated to Jamaica
VII. Alexander FERGUSSON of Bellichandy sold the estate prior to 1650. Magdalen OGILVY, his wife. 1650.( The Rental of the County of Perth, made up in 1650 show in Logierait - Bellichandie appears as the property of John ROBERTSONE) .
VIII. Adam FERGUSSON 1704-1785, minister of Moulin married Emily (Emilia or Amelia) MENZIES, his wife and daughter of Captain James MENZIES of Comrie. Children baptized parish of Moulin (OPR)
  1. Robert c. 20 Aug 1736
  2. Anne c. 2 Apr 1738
  3. Vere c. 11 Jun 1741
  4. John c. 10 Mar 1743; Captain in service of East India Company; killed in 1773 by Mr. Roache
  5. James c. 11 Mar 1745; died in middle life at Bath
  6. Adam c. 23 Sep 1750; died of fever in service of East India Company
  7. Emile c. 31 Jan 1753
  8. Neil c. 5 May 1748
IX. Neil FERGUSSON, Advocate d. 3rd Jul 1803. Anne COLQUHOUN, his wife, d. 7th Aug 1812. Children baptized Edinburgh (OPR):
  1. Adam c. 4 Mar 1783; d. 1862
  2. James c. 12 Aug 1791; d. 19 May 1850 unmarried.
  3. Hannah Harriot c. 6 Jun 1793
  4. Amelia c. 14 Sep 1787
  5. John c. 13 Feb 1790
X. Adam FERGUSON of Woodhill and later Canada. He was a founder of the town of Fergus, Ontario. He married first Jemimia JOHNSTON, heiress of the BLAIR estate and second Jesse TOWER (LDS AFN: 9RRQ-NQ)
XI. George Douglas FERGUSON, only child of Adam to leave issue. He married Charlotee LEGGE of Gananoque in 1852. Their residence, Mapleshade, is in Fergus, Ontario. Of their ten children seven survived them, three having d. in infancy.
XII. Children of George Douglas FERGUSON (XI.)
  1. Jemima Charlotee FERGUSON married Gordon ELLIOTT of the Post Office department of Canada. He d. in 1897, leaving a widow and two sons, Eugene and Douglas.
  2. Margaret Fraser FERGUSON married Rev. J.C. TOLMIE of St. Andrew's Church in Windsor.
  3. Georgina Hobson FERGUSON married Dr. Allan BLACK of Kingston.
  4. Adam David FERGUSON lived in Toronto and was unmarried as of 1899.
  5. John James FERGUSON resided at South Edmonton, Canada.
  6. Robert Blair FERGUSON married Miss BEATTIE daughter of Captain BEATTIE of Fergus. Resided in Regina, Canada. In the 1881 census of Canada he lives in his father's household, he is 19 years old and a lumberman.
  7. George Tower FERGUSON married Margaret MAIR in lived in Toronto.
XIII. Descendants of George Tower FERGUSON (XII.) 1856-1932:
  1. George Blair, b. May 18 1879; d. 1907 unmarried
  2. James Leslie b. Aug 14, 1883; d. 1957; m. Florence GEALE ; lived in Toronto
    1. Ann Barbara
    2. Blair Tower, m. Nailia BAROUDI; Professor at Ryerson Institute of Technology, Toronto
      1. >> Kit 36554 DNA
  3. Adam Tower b. Sep 1, 1886; d. 1946 unmarried
  4. Jessie Fraser, dau. b. Jun 18, 1889
  5. Neil Colquhoun b. Feb 3, 1893; d. 1970; m. Fredericka JUNKIN; lived in Toronto.
    1. Nancy Blair
    2. Janet Colquhoun
    3. Robert Tower m. Marilyn MCALLISTER, lived in Toronto and later Oakville.
      1. Laurie Ann
      2. Neil Tower
    4. Ian Colquhoun
  Adam Fergusson
  Drawing above is from Fergus : the story of a little town, by Hugh Templin, 1933, Fergus, Ontario: Fergus News-record, p. 44


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