1612 April 13th - Sasine granted in favour of William Fergussone of Dercullich of the 'quattnor libratas terrarum de Wester Dunfallandie', 'dimidietatem de Easter Dunfallandie extend. ad viginti solidat terrarum.' 'Sex libratas terrarum of the Haugh of Dalshian,' etc. This Sasine is backed 'William Fergusson of Derculich, of the Ten-pound Land of Dunfallandy, and Six-pound Land of Dalshian.'
[Records, p.68 ]


A direct patrilineal descendant of this line has yet to be found. The following are families with a tradition of a common ancestor with the Dunfallandy Fergusson or some implication of a relationship that have tested.

James FERGUSSON and Elizabeth BUTTER

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Statutory Registers,

Perth Sheriff Court

Will of General Archibald Fergusson 03/12/1835





Inventory of Miss Helen Fergusson 25/08/1835


Inventory of William Dick Fergusson 24/09/1836

Inventory of Elizabeth Dick or Fergusson 06/10/1846

Inventory of Archibald Fergusson 26/07/1854


  1. Records of the Clan and Name of Fergusson, Ferguson and Fergus, by James Ferguson and Robert Menzies Fergusson, Edinburgh, 1895.
  2. Supplement to above published in 1899.

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