William FERGUSON, in Crichie, baillie of Inverurie for a number of years from 1650, and laird of Badifurrow from 1655 to 1658 was married to Janet CLARK by whom he had six sons and one daughter.

  1. Robert FERGUSON (1637-1714), who got the appellation of the Plotter, married in England and had two daughters Hannah and Frances.
  2. William FERGUSON who after Robert's departure was served heir Badifurrow was twice married manned: 1st to Jean ELPHINSTONE (sister of Sir James ELPHINSTONE of Logie) by whom he had one son James; 2nd to Lucretia BURNETT, by whom he had three sons who all went abroad. He has a third wife.
  3. James FERGUSON b. 1650, William of Badifurrow's third son entered the army when very young and having signalized himself in a special manner was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. He possessed the lands Balmakelly and Kirktonhill in Kincardineshire, which were sold in 1724, and bought Kinmundy in Buchan. married 1st Helen DRUMMOND by whom he had son James and daughter Elizabeth, who died unmarried. His second wife was Hester Elizabeth HIBELET by who he had a daughter, Anna Elizabeth.
  4. George FERGUSON the fourth son lived and died in Oldmeldrum. He was married first to Jane FORBES by whom he had four sons Robert, John, William and George and five daughters Jean, Janet, Mary, Christian and Magdalene.
    Robert, John and George all died unmarried.The two eldest entered into the army and attained to good stations
    • William FERGUSON, the third son, died at Mill of Inch about 1748. He married Mary PANTON and had two sons George and John and two daughters Elizabeth and Mary
      • George FERGUSON lived Kilmory and was married to Margaret TULLOCH, a daughter of one the Tullocks of Tannachy, a very ancient in the County of Moray, by whom had
        • William FERGUSON a merchant in London
        • Mary FERGUSON, who died unmarried
      • Captain John FERGUSON, d. 13 Jun 1767 [the 'black captain' of the 'Forty-five'] married Lydia CUMBER and had four children:
        • John, a captain in the navy
        • William, a captain in the army
        • Lydia who married a SHERIDAN
        • Marion who married Dr. SMITH
      • Elizabeth FERGUSON married Mr. JARDINE
      • Mary FERGUSON died unmarried.
    • Jean, Janet, Christian and Magdalene all died unmarried. Mary married John MILNE.
    In George's second marriage to Christian STEVEN he had three daughters, Margaret, Elizabeth and Isobel. The two eldest died unmarried and Isobel married Mr. MURDOCH but was without issue.
  5. John FERGUSON, the fifth son was married to Bathia CARR and lived and died in Inverurie. He had three sons, William, James and George.
    • William FERGUSON married Miss KEITH. Their only son Alexander died a captain of a trading vessel. They had five daughters Henrietta, Margaret, Catherine, Bathia and Isobel.
    • James FERGUSON entered into the Emperor of Germany's army. It is not known if he married or had issue.
    • George FERGUSON died in his youth.
  6. Walter FERGUSON lived and died 1728 in Inverurie, in the house where his father, grandfather and great grandfather were born, a fine a house where his progenitors had been for upwards of three hundred years. He married Margaret PANTON and had issue
    • James FERGUSON (1681-1753) married Isobel, daughter by the first marriage of George SCOTT, Town Clerk (1681-1729) of Inverurie, and had among other children
      • Walter FERGUSON (1714-1797) was a Writer to the Signet in Edinburgh, and married Katherine, Lord Swinton's sister but had no issue.
      • James FERGUSON (1723-1793) was a Captain in the Navy and afterwards Governor of Greenwich Hospital
      • John FERGUSON (1725-1751) died a Lieutenant in the Army. He was not married.
      • Anthony FERGUSON born 1730 was a merchant in Edinburgh. He had one son:
        • Hugh FERGUSON, who was an eminent physician in Dublin.
      • Janet FERGUSON married Robert LOCK, and was the mother of Admiral Walter LOCK and grandmother of Colonel Andrew LOCK, 50th, and Colonel Henry LOCK, 108th Regiments
      • Margaret FERGUSON married Thomas Robert ROBERTSON.
      • Mary FERGUSON married James LOWIN.
    • William FERGUSON went to Poland and carved out a career for himself himself and his descendants there. He married, in 1714, Catherine Concordia TEPPER, a sister of Peter TEPPER of Warsaw. He died in 1733.
      • Laurence FERGUSON died without issue.
      • William FERGUSON of Breslau
      • Peter FERGUSON-TEPPER d. 1794; in 1767 was adopted by his maternal uncle who had no family. He married Marie Philippine VALENTINE and in 1779 obtained the Royal Licence in London to take the additional name of TEPPER, having then five sons and five daughters.
        • Peter Charles FERGUSON-TEPPER b. 6 Aug 1766; m. Marie BOUÉ "fille du Banquier BOUÉ à Hamburg. Un fils."
          • At least one child born 1792, ref: Kornatowski W., 1937, Kryzys bankowy w Polsce 1793 roku, UW, Warszawa as quoted by Peter Pininski, The Stuart's Last Secret, Tuckwell Press, 2002, p. 163
        • Phillip Bernard FERGUSON-TEPPER b. 1 Aug 1767
        • Lewis William FERGUSON-TEPPER (Louis Guillaume de Tepper Ferguson) b. 10 Dec 1768; m. Canel Marie Catherine 05 Aug 1824, Paris
        • Danield Frederick FERGUSON-TEPPER b. 14 Jul 1772
        • Otto Walter FERGUSON-TEPPER b. 4 Nov 1779
    • John FERGUSON was a wine merchant in Bath and died without issue
    • George FERGUSON settled in Poland married and had issue
    • Margaret FERGUSON became the second wife of George SCOTT, Town Clerk of Inverurie and had issue.
      • George SCOTT Town Clerk of Inverurie (1736-50)
      • John SCOTT
      • James SCOTT
      • MARGARET SCOTT married Baillie Alexander FERGUSON, Inverurie, infra
      • Bathia SCOTT married William REIDFORD, Aberdeen, and had issue George, Mary and Helen.
    • Janet FERGUSON married Alexander PATESON, Inverurie
    • Mary FERGUSON married Mr ROSS, Hill of Lairny
    • Barbara FERGUSON married John BRUCE, Officer of Excise
    • Bathia FERGUSON married Anthony SMITH, Officer of Excise.
  7. Janet FERGUSON, William of Badifurrow's only daughter, married her own cousin John FERGUSON, a Polish merchant (whose father was John, at one time in Stonehaven, and afterwards in Poland). They had issue three sons and three daughters
    • John FERGUSON went to Poland with his father and remained there as a merchant.
    • Robert FERGUSON also accompanied his father to Poland but returned returned and settled at Peterhead. He married Jane SMITH by whom he had two sons, Alexander and William and one daughter, Jane, who died unmarried.
      • Alexander was captain of a trading vessel. He married Elizabeth CLARK and had three sons - William, Robert and James. James was captain of a West Indian ship and left one daughter.
      • William married Jan 16 1752 Isabella ARBUTHNOT and had three daughters, Jane, Margaret and Christian.
    • Alexander FERGUSON, Janet's youngest son was a merchant in Aberdeen. He married Margaret daughter of George SCOTT, Town Clerk of Inverurie. (supra). They had fifteen children of whom only one son, Alexander, and two daughters, Mary and Ann, grew up.
      • Alexander FERGUSON, born 1744, was a writer in Edinburgh. He married Jane LEGRAND, of the family of Bonnington and had issue
        • Edward Le Grand FERGUSON a surgeon in Edinburgh died unmarried in 1822.
        • John FERGUSON a merchant in Rio de Janiero died unmarried.
        • Smith FERGUSON b.~1801, a merchant in Edinburgh. He married Agnes, daughter of Andrew WEMYSS and issue, two sons Alexander and William. and a daughter Catherine Kerr
          • Alexander FERGUSON b.~1841; died in London unmarried
          • William Wemyss FERGUSON b.~1844; married Marion daughter of William MORRISON and had issue one son, d. 15 Feb 1914, Edinburgh
            • Robert Wemyss FERGUSON b.~1888; d. 16 Jun 1948, Edinburgh
        • Margaret FERGUSON died unmarried.
        • Agnes FERGUSON died unmarried.
        • Jane FERGUSON died unmarried.
      • Mary FERGUSON married James BLACK, merchant in Aberdeen and had three daughters.
      • Ann FERGUSON, born 1738, married John FORBES of Aberdeen and had three sons who grew up John, James and Robert, and daughter Mary.
    • Janet FERGUSON married John WISHART in Oldmeldrum, and died in 1732. leaving issue
    • Mary May FERGUSON died unmarried
    • Jane FERGUSON died unmarried

Statutory Register


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