"Dr. Davidson, parish minister of Inverurie, with whom the Dean had communicated after the publication of Dr. Davidon's Inverurie and the Earldom of Garioch, informed him that he had succeeded in tracing out the connection,and that it would appear in a future publication, which Dr. Davidson did not live to carry out"
[Rev. John Ferguson, Dean of Moray on the connection of the Inverurie Ferguson to those of New Craig, Daviot1

New Craig, Daviot

1841 Census

Surname Forename Age Occupation Where Born
FERGUSON John 85 Farmer Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON Anne 65   Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON Isobel 25   Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON George 30   Aberdeenshire

FERGUSON George 40 Farmer Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON Elizabeth
[Must be Elspeth
40   Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON William 10   Aberdeenshire

New Craig
FERGUSON James 40 Farmer Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON Barbara 25   Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON Jane 5   Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON William 3   Aberdeenshire
FERGUSON John 1   Aberdeenshire

1851 Census

West Mains Of House Of Glack
George Fergusion Head 52 Farmer Of 70 Acres Emp 4 Lab Daviot
Elspet Fergusion Wife 51 Fyvie Argyshire
George Fergusion Son 23 Farmers Son Employed At House Daviot
William Fergusion Son 19 Farmers Son Employen At House Daviot
Elspet Benzie 30 House Servant    
Peter Morrison 14 Ag Lab    
John Novie 15 Ag Lab    
Anne Thomson 22 House Servant    

New Craig
James Ferguson Head 48 Farmer Of 140 Acres Employing 4 Labourers Daviot
William Ferguson Son 13 Scholar Daviot
Jane Ferguson Dau 14 Farmer's Daur Employed At Home Daviot
Mary A Ferguson Dau 1 Daviot Aberdeenshire
Charles Ferguson Son 3 Daviot Aberdeenshire
George Ferguson Son 8 Scholar Daviot
John Ferguson Son 10 Scholar Daviot
James Allan   18    
James Barclay   19    
Hellen Craig   15    
Jannet Craig   30    
James Cumming   20    
George Simpson   24    

1861 Census

Pitfuchu? Farms, Monymusk
George FERGUSON Mar 34 Farmer of 180 acres
6 Labourers
Aberdeenshire, Daviot
Jane Mar 24    
George   2    
Elsie   4    

1871 Census

Mains Of Glack, Daviot, Aberdeenshire
George Ferguson   72 Farmer Of 190 Acres Emp 6 Servter Daviot
Elspet Ferguson   71 Farmer's Wife Daviot
William Ferguson   39 Farmer's Son Daviot
Isabella Ferguson Daughter-in-law 22 Daviot
Ann Ferguson   2 Mo Grandaughter Daviot
Margaret Barnett   19    
Gavin Fraser   26    
Ann Huart   17    
Robert Maver   16    
George Michie   16    
William Still   22    

New Craig, Daviot, Aberdeenshire
James Ferguson 69  Farmer 185 Emp 4 Lab Acres  
John Ferguson 30  Farmer's Son  
George Ferguson 29  Farmer's Son  
Mary Ferguson Daughter-in-law 25 House Keeper Alvah Banffshire
Jane Ferguson Grandaughter 2    
George Ferguson Grandson 7 Mo Daviot Aberdeenshire
Jane Craig  19    
William Falconer  21    
William Falconer  18    
Alexr Lumsden  18    
John Simeson  21    

1881 Census

George FERGUSON Head 54 Farmer (217 Ac Emp 5 M & 1 W) Daviot
Jane FERGUSON Wife 44   Daviot
Elsie H. FERGUSON Daur 24 Farmers Daur Monymusk
Bellanna W. FERGUSON Daur 19 Farmers Daur Monymusk
Mary J.W. FERGUSON Daur 15 Scholar Monymusk
William FERGUSON Son 12 Scholar Monymusk
John FERGUSON Son 10 Scholar Monymusk
Barbara E. A. FERGUSON Daur 2   Daviot

Westmains Of Glack
William FERGUSON Head 49 Farmer Daviot
Isabella FERGUSON Wife 32 Farmers Wife Daviot
Annie FERGUSON Dau 10 Scholar Daviot
Eliza Bella FERGUSON Dau 6 Scholar Daviot

John FERGUSON Head 40 Farmer Of 183 Acres Of Which 176 Arable Daviot
Mary FERGUSON Wife 34   Alvah, Banff, Scotland
Jane FERGUSON Daur 12 Scholar Daviot
George FERGUSON Son 10 Scholar Daviot
Mary FERGUSON Daur 8 Scholar Daviot
Barbara C. FERGUSON Daur 7 Scholar Daviot
Eliza FERGUSON Daur 3   Daviot

1901 Census

New Craig, Daviot
John FERGUSON Head Married 60 Farmer Aberdeenshire, Daviot
Mary Wife Married 55   Banfshire,Alvak
George Son Single 30 Worker Aberdeenshire, Daviot
Jane Dau Single 32    
Barbara Dau Single 24    
Eliza Dau Single 23    
Lumphart, Daviot
William FERGUSON Head Married 32 Farmer Aberdeenshire, Monymusk
Maggie Wife   28   Aberdeenshire, Newmachar
George Son   2   Aberdeenshire, Daviot
James Son   1   Aberdeenshire, Daviot

1891 Census

Lumphart, Daviot, Aberdeenshire
George Ferguson 64 Farmer Daviot
Jane Ferguson 54 Daviot Aberdeenshire
Bellana Ferguson 29 Farmer's Daughter Monymusk Aberdeenshire
Mary Jane Ferguson 25 Farmer's Daughter Monymusk
William Ferguson 22 Farmer's Son Monymusk
Barbara E A Ferguson 12 Scholar Daviot
John Cumming 41    
Robert Laing 52    
Isabel Sim 18    
Alexander Smith 18    
William Young 22    

Old Parish Register

Date Groom Bride
06/11/1825 Alexr FERGUSON Catherine CLARK
04/06/1826 Geo FERGUSON Elspet HARPER
11/06/1843 James FERGUSON Rebecca MURRAY
18/01/1835 Jas FERGUSON Barbara CONNAN
22/06/1834 John FERGUSON Margt. SMITH

Date Forename Surname Parents
06/06/1834 Alexander FERGUSON Alexr. FERGUSON
Catherine CLARK
28/06/1847 Charles Walker FERGUSON James FERGUSON
Barbara CONNAN
15/03/1806 George FERGUSON John FERGUSON
09/10/1835 George FERGUSON Alexander FERGUSON
Catherine CLARK
10/03/1842 George FERGUSON James FERGUSON
Barbara CONNAN
30/08/1830 James FERGUSON Alexander FERGUSON
Catherine CLARK
03/01/1799 John FERGUSON John FERGUSON
01/01/1799 John FERGUSON Willm. FERGUSON
04/06/1829 John FERGUSON George FERGUSON
26/04/1841 John FERGUSON James FERGUSON
Barbara CONNON
10/05/1837 John Ingram FERGUSON Alexander FERGUSON
Catherine CLARK
10/05/1831 William FERGUSON George FERGUSON
15/02/1838 William FERGUSON James FERGUSON
Barbara CONNON
01/08/1723 Alexander FERGUSSON Robert FERGUSSON
13/06/1802 Alexander FERGUSSON William FERGUSSON
01/01/1798 George FERGUSSON William FERGUSSON
25/03/1827 George FERGUSSON Geo. FERGUSSON
13/06/1802 James FERGUSSON William FERGUSSON
28/09/1794 William FERGUSSON William FERGUSSON

Burials - Kirkyard of Daviot

Inverurie - Register of Baptisms, Burials (Episcopal), St. Mary's , 1842-1929

Statutory Register

Wills & Testament


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