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The table below shows that in 1901 the names Farris and Faris are found primarly in England with the UK. One would then expect then that most persons by these names have English roots. The only other locale where a significant number of Faris or Farris are found is Ireland. Further discussion will be limited to the Irish since the none of the ancient Fergusson are rooted in England and thus neither would any sept be so rooted.
1901 Census
Surname England Ireland Scotland Wales Total
Farris 449 12 6 14 481
Faris 270 104 6 9 389

Griffith's Valuation

Griffith's Valuation is a property survey that was conducted in Ireland between 1847 and 1864. Since census records prior to 1901 do not survive for Ireland the survey is used to get an idea of how the Faris and Farris were distributed in Ireland circa 1855. All Faris are clearly connected to county Cavan and the map below show the reside in and near the parish Killashandra. There are less Farris in total and there are a significant number in county Carlow.
Surname Top 5 Locales, Number of Households
Faris Cavan 26 Leitrim 9 Antrim 4 Armagh 4 Down 3
Farris Carlow 7 Derry 4 Sligo 3 Longford 1 Donegal 1

Distribution of the Faris in county Cavan c. 1855


Faris DNA

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