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Thomas Ferguson

personage should have encouraged migration from southern Ireland. The editor of the Dublin Collection published passenger and freight rates to Carolina, enumerating seven vessels expected to sail for that destination from various Irish ports in the spring and summer of 1684. From Belfast a ship arrived late that fall, bringing reinforcements to the Port Royal Scots, but she foundered and broke, doubtless on Charles Town Harbor's treacherous bar. Thomas Ferguson, if he did not come out himself in 1684, probably sent others. On the whole, it is likely that immigrants to South Carolina from Scotland Ireland were not numerous in 1682-1683, but that there were several hundred of them in 1684. [Johns hopkins university studies in historical and political science, Volume LVIII, 1940, p.217]

Papers in the State Paper Office London: 1684, July 11. Craven and others, to Sir Richard Kyrle. Mr. Thomas Ferguson and other families from the north of Ireland, being desirious of settling in Carolina, in compliance with their request, some small river to be reserved for them for seven years. Instructions thereupon. 4 folios; p. 38.[Collections of the South Carolina Historical Society, Volume 1 By South Carolina Historical Society, p.112; see also British History Online]

Early Instances of the Name

Hugh Ferguson and Sarah Burley

Captain John Ferguson 1826-1869



Will Abstracts Of South Carolina On Ferguson
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Name Volume Years Page Image   Deduced Relation to Thomas Ferguson 1726-1785
Ann 40 1834-39 326 349 Ann is a widow, son: James Ferguson, wife: Ann Wragg
Charles 9 1760-67 397 418 of Colleton County; Wife: Martha; mentioned: Charles Ferguson, Richard Ferguson; brother: Thomas Ferguson brother assuming only one Thomas around
Charles 23 1786-93 524 145 wife: Mary; brother: Benjamin Ferguson; proved 22 Sep 1789 son
David 17 1774-79 771 379 of Colleton County; wife: Mary; Daughters: Elizabeth, Jane, Susana; sons: William, Henry, David; sisters: Jane Patton; Margaret Donnom; cousin: William Lambright; written 01 Jan 1778  
Elizabeth 7 1752-56 290 313 of Colleton County; heirs: William Robert, Jane Lowry & Mr. Hugh Wilson; proved 14 Feb 1755  
Eliza M 43 1839-45 509 53 Sister: Mellecent Colcock; Mother: Mrs. Mellecent Colcock; grandsons: Richard H and Daniel Bacot; Col Henry Bacot's will; granddaughters: Eliza F Hutson, Mellicent I Bacot; Elizabeth Laura Bacot; Jane D Bacot; grandson: William Ferguson Hutson; nephew: William F Colcock; proved 23 Nov 1842  
Henry 5 1740-47 460 485 Daughter In Law Jean Simpson, son David; 28 Jan 1744/5 ; brother: William of Wadmalaw; 08 Jan 1744/5  
Hugh 11 1767-71 261 281 of Colleton County, wife: Sarah; sons: Artimus, Hugh; daughter: Esther Bee; Executors: Thomas Ferguson, Benjamin Fuller; proved 8 Jan 1768  
Hugh 23 1786-93 600 222 Brother: Artimas Elliott Ferguson; nephew: John Bee; proved: 24 Feb 1790  
Katherine 9 1760-67 404 425 Daughter: Mary Booth Ferguson; husband: Thomas Ferguson; sister: Elizabeth Williamson; witness: Sabina Elliott; proved 03 Jan 1761 wife: Katherine Booth widow of Humphrey Elliot
Mary 15 1771-74 577 248 Husband: William Ferguson; plantation in Georgia; daughters Jean and Ann Broadbelt, Sarah Ferguson; proved 9 Jul 1773  
Samuel Wragg 35 1818-26 714 312 Brother: James Ferguson; proved 2 Jul 1822 son
Thomas 22 1786-93 11 22 Wife: Ann; sons: Thomas Ladson Ferguson, James Ferguson, Charles Ferguson, Benjamin Ferguson, John Horry Ferguson, William Cattel Ferguson; daughter: Ann Berresford; minor children; nephew: Charles Barkley Ferguson; proved: 20 May 1786 self
William 5 1740-47 516 541 wife: Elizabeth; son Edward Ferguson; grandson William Ferguson s/o Edward; other: Brigadier John Bee; Willtown Church, 14 Mar 1745  
William 6 1742-52 571 595 sons: William, James; will proved Dec 1751