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A Robert Fergusson represented Inverkeithing in the Parliaments of 1579 and 1587. [Records, p. 309]


Three Brothers

Note communicated by R. C. Munro-Ferguson of Raith, M.P., 1899
[Records Supplement, p. 70]
SINCE the account in the Records (pp. 311-319) was written old documents and papers have been looked through, and it has been further ascertained that previous to the purchase of Raith in 1724 the Fergusons had been 'settled in the neighbourhood of Inverkeithing for more than two centuries ' That in the seventeenth century they established a house of business in London, and there is documentary evidence of the existence of three brothers-John, Henry and Robert.
  1. John, Merchant of London, died in 1725 at Whitchurch, Oxon, where he was buried by his wife in the parish Church The references to this individual show him to be in the tea trade, a flourishing business in those days, as his ledger gives thirty shillings a pound as having been the price of tea in 1707. It is therefore not surprising that he is found holding bonds over different people. Amongst others one over Lord Cassilis, executed in 1692
  2. Henry whose daughter Christian was wife to John Anderson, minister of Edrom, who was admitted Burgess of Edinburgh in 1709 (in right of his father deceased).
  3. Robert who remained at Inverkeithing. His son James married Helen Clunie, and was bailie of Inverkeithing in 1689. Their son (see note following) Robert went into his grand-uncles house in the city. He was sheriff of London in 1738 Amongst his possessions were the 'All and haill the Borough Acres in and about Inverkeithing according as the same is bounded, meathed and marched in my service and retour as Heir to my Father and my other rights and securities and Titles thereof.'
    Note: Robert the sheriff is the son of James FERGUSON and Agnes STEWART according to the original account in the Records (pp. 311-319). This fits with the Inverkeithing parish records wherein both he and sister Agnes are recorded. In the tree that follows "their son" is not taken literally for this reason.

John Ferguson, parish of St. Andrew Undershaft London

Family Tree

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  1. Records of the Clan and Name of Fergusson, Ferguson and Fergus, by James Ferguson and Robert Menzies Fergusson, Edinburgh, 1895.
  2. Supplement to the above, 1899

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