Caitloch House Built 1604'This family,' writes the Rev. John Menteith in The Parish of Glencairn,' was a branch of the Fergussons of Craigdarroch. It possessed at the close of last century the property of Dunreggan as well as Caitloch. It was a family conspicuous for its favour to the Covenanters. The name of Thomas Ferguson of Caitloch appears in the list of the committee of gentlemen in Nithsdale who supported the Covenanters. Caitloch House was a well-known place of refuge for them. It was to Caitloch that Mr. Blackadder betook himself for safety when ejected from Troqueer in May 1662. A party of the King's Life-Guard of Horse, commanded by Byte-the-Sheep Turner, reached Caitloch in search of Blackadder the very day he had left it for another place of safety. He also stayed a night there in 1678. The property seems to have passed from the Fergusons in the early part of this century.'

Pedigree of Lieutenant Colonel Robert Ferguson


Malcum Fergussone

William Ferguson and Elizabeth Maitland

John Fergusson and Helen Cunningham

Samuel McCall


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