William Fergusson of Auchinsoul was engaged with his chief, Barnard Fergusson of Kilkerran, in the attack on the Laird of Camlarg in the fenced Court of the Sheriff of Ayr in 1564. In 1689 Fergusson of Auchinsoul was excommunicated by the Church for contumaciousness, having paid no attention to the various sentences of the Presbytery for several years previously. Upon this he fled to Drummore (county Down), Ireland, with the object of his illict affection, Janet Martin; but he felt glad in 1711 - such was the influence of the Church - to make 'due repentance' and be relieved from his sentence. William Fergusson of Auchinsoul was a Commisioner of Supply 1758. In 1781 Lt. James Fergusson of Auchinsol was admitted a burgess of Ayr. James's successor, Fergusson of Littleton, sold the property to John M'Kie.
[History of the county of Ayr: with a genealogical account of the families of Ayrshire, James Paterson, published Ayr, 1847, p. 258-9

Duncan Fergusson of Kilkerran

The William and Barnard refered to by Paterson are likely the sons of Duncan.

James Fergusson and Elizabeth MCINTYRE


Loose Ends

Contributed by Robert Ferguson from files at General Register House, Edinburgh
  1. Mary Keith (wife of James Hamilton Fergusson). Unable to locate Birth or Death dates.
  2. Helen Collie (2nd wife of James H Ferguson. Born 28.5.1799, Parents Samuel Collie and Christian Menny. Married 17.5.1827 Isle of Bute. Died 2.6.1878 Peterculter.
  3. Elizabeth Shillington Searight, wife William Fergusson, married 29.11.1881 Logie, Perth. Parents James Fitzpatrick Searight and Elizabeth Paul. Born Ireland. Unable to find any Death Certificate
  4. William Manson Fergusson , brother to John L.S.F, born 13.1.1884, Banff. married Williamina Smith Fitzpatrick, daughter of Hugh Fitzpatrick and Williamina Paton. They were married 2.12.1903 (by a Warrant). They had a son Patrick Manson Fergusson on 25.12.1908. Registered in Banff and Aberdeen. I had high hopes for this line but I was unable to find anything else.
  5. John L.S Fergusson , I was hoping to get a date for a birth but all I have is 1891!
  6. Mary (Maria ) Duff .Again I was hoping to get a birthdate, all I Have is 1891. Her Parents were Donald Duff and Margaret MacRae. I have her death as 20.2.1979 in Banff.
  7. Fitzjames Fergusson ,born 27.7.1922, Unable to get anything on his 2 wives, ie Birthates, Marriage dates or Death dates. Unable to find any family possibly in England? 8 Marie Pirie Field, wife of Iain Fergusson, Unable to find a Death Cert, could still be alive.
  8. John James Foote Fergusson. 1st born 19.7.1856, died 5.4.1857 in Ellon, 2nd J.J.F.F born 15.5.1859. (There must be a connection somewhere to a John James Foote!)
  9. Christian Mennie Fergusson b 13.9.1830 Peterculter. Nothing found
  10. Archibald Fergusson b 28.10.1833 Peterculter. Nothing found.
  11. Margaret Lumsden 1st wife of William Ferguson, Parents John Lumsden and Helen Shepherd, b 23.1.1829 died 31.10.1875, aged 46 of an accidental Asphyxia. 12 Mary Gordon Heron Thomson (or Croil, her 2nd marriage also) b 1840 in Ireland. Parents John Thomson and Elizabeth Heron. 2nd wife of William Fergusson, married 9.1.1877 Isle of Bute. Died 28.9.1918 Banchory.
  12. William Fergusson husband to above 2 ladies, I have him dying 3.5.1906.
  13. Fitzjames Shillington Fergusson b 227.3.1895 Parents William Fergusson and Elizabeth Searight.. Unable to find anything.


  1. Records of the Clan and Name of, Ferguson and Fergus, by James Ferguson and Robert Menzies, Edinburgh, 1895
  2. O'Brien's Family History

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