Ferguson Distribution In County Leitrim

Griffith's Valuation is a property survey that was conducted in Ireland between 1847 and 1864. Since census records prior to 1901 do not survive for Ireland the survey is used to get an idea of how the Ferguson were distributed in Ireland circa 1858. The map below shows how the 45 different Ferguson households were distributed within the county Leitrim.

1901 Census, Heads of Household

Consistent with Griffith's Valuation the parish with the most Ferguson households is still Rossinver with Cloonclare a distant second. Two of the lines from parish of Rossinver have been DNA tested, one from Largydonnell and one from Tullyskeherny. Both testees are Haplogroup R-M222 which is often refered to as "Northwest Irish". The lines tested are highlighted in the table below. Results and discussion are found on the page Haplogroup: R1b - M222.
Surname Forename Townland/Street Parish DED Age Birthplace Occupation
Ferguson John Barr of Farrow Cloonclare Glenboy 35 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson James Briscloonagh Cloonclare Glenboy 60 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Charles Corracloona Cloonclare Kiltyclogher 64 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Mary Killycloghan Cloonclare Cloonclare 60 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Owen Killycloghan Cloonclare Cloonclare 75 Leitrim Agricultural Labourer
Ferguson Henry Manorhamilton Cloonclare Manorhamilton 72 Leitrim Miller
Ferguson Francis Manorhamilton Town Cloonclare Manorhamilton 62 Leitrim Keeps Shop
Ferguson Anne Drumgunny Cloone Carrigallen West 51 Leitrim Farmers Wife
Ferguson Stuart Boggaun Cloonlogher Cloonlogher 35 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson John Boihy Drumlease Cloonlogher 50 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Hugh Cleighran Beg Drumreilly Drumreilly West 34 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson James Cleighran Beg Drumreilly Drumreilly West 52 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Charles Cornamucklagh, South Drumreilly Drumreilly West 24 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Thomas Dergvone Killarga Killarga 55 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Anne Clooneen Killasnet Manorhamilton 60 Leitrim Housekeeper
Ferguson John Gortnagarn Killasnet Glencar 71 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson James Derrynaseer Kiltoghert Drumshanbo 35 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Patrick Lisdromarea North Kiltoghert Drumsna 75 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Anne Mahanagh Kiltoghert Drumshanbo 69 Leitrim  
Ferguson John Derrinkeher (McDonnell) Oughteragh Oughteragh 55 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Patrick Corraleskin Rossinver Ballaghameehan 42 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson John Corraleskin Rossinver Ballaghameehan 57 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson John Derrinloughan Rossinver Tullaghan 52 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson James Gortnaderrary Rossinver Ballaghameehan 60 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Bridget Gortnaderrary Rossinver Ballaghameehan 65 Leitrim  
Ferguson Patrick Gortnaderrary Rossinver Ballaghameehan 70 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Bryan Kinkillew Rossinver Ballaghameehan 60 Leitrim Pension from R.I.C.
Ferguson John Larganhugh Rossinver Melvin 71 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Bartholomew Lattone Rossinver Ballaghameehan 73 Leitrim Pensioned School Master
Ferguson Henry Raheelin Rossinver Ballaghameehan 50 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Patrick Raheelin Rossinver Ballaghameehan 50 Leitrim Farmer
Fergus Patrick J Sracummer Rossinver Aghavoghil 40 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Bridget Sraud Conolly Rossinver Melvin 26 Leitrim Dressmaker
Ferguson Dan Sraud Conolly Rossinver Melvin 59 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Patrick Tawnaleck Rossinver Melvin 36 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson John Tawnaleck Rossinver Melvin 74 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson Terence Tullyskeherny Rossinver Ballaghameehan 63 Leitrim Farmer

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