Herein is a list of project participants in the project and some data from other databases. They are grouped according to haplogroup and clade. The groups represent genetic families. Persons in one group are unrelated to persons in another. This is an important first step in validating a genealogy, i.e. discovery to whom you are not related. The table below provides information on a participant's earliest known ancestor and a link to their pedigree. The group headings are links to pages presenting results, analysis and information specific to that group.

Those with a common ancestor are colored coded to a common color; the particular color chosen has no significance.

* denotes a deceased members kit

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NGS - denotes an NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Test such as BigY or YElite

Kit# Ancestor Notes Details
Haplogroup: E > M96
B22628 John A. FERGUSON b. bet. 1847-1854 in Wilkes County, NC d. Jul 31, 1928   View
Haplogroup: E1b > L19
170970 John FERGUSON b. 1847; m. Jane SLATER   View
299388 John FERGUSON b. 1847; m. Jane SLATER   View
Haplogroup: E1b > M2      
200971 Jeremiah FERGUSON b.~1841, VA   View
163137 Henry FERGUSON b.~1824, VA; m. Harriett GORDON   View
178833 Turner FERGUSON b.~1842, Chester Co., SC Turner's father was born in Virginia View
449011 Samuel FERGUSON b. bet. 1844-1852, AL Samuel's father was born in Georgia View
Haplogroup: E1b > V13      
132250 John FERGUSON b. 1743, NC; m. Phillis ALSTON John FERGUSON Jr. b. 1787 is the brother of 14529's ancestor Isaac H. Ferguson b. 1773 View
14529 * John FERGUSON b. 1743, NC; m. Phillis ALSTON John's son Isaac H. FERGUSON emigrated from Virginia to Illinois and thus our family tree spread out all over America. View
206737 Jeremiah FERGUSON b.~1760; m. Alice J. RATHBONE, NC   View
72234 * Andrew J FERGUSON whose son John FERGUSON b 1843 Hancock County TN   View
66401 Thomas L. FERGUSON b. 1814-15, NC John Thomas FERGUSON b: 23 May 1884 in near Pikeville, TN View
471953 William FERGUSON b.~1779, NC; d. 1862, Jasper, TX   View
238700 Jesse JOHNSON, b. ~1765, NC and d. 1832; m. Miss STANFIELD in TN, moved to KY    
286920 John JOHNSON b. 1580, England, d. 1636; James City, VA   View
227516 Thomas FARGUSON, b. ca 1750/55 England or NC   View
Haplogroup: G > L479
325365 William Milo FERGUSON d. 1878, MO   View
Haplogroup: I1 > M253 Basic
N39570 John FERRIS m. Sarah SLADE 10 Apr 1769, Great Badminton, Gloucestershire Suspect link to John FERRIS m. 24 Oct 1547 Margorie SHARPE, Great Badminton, Gloucestershire  
13449 David FERGUSON, b. 1766-1767, Rathkeale, Limerick Ireland   View
109009 James L FERGUSON, b. 1811, Sumner Co. TN; m. Elizabeth MABRY, 1831 Sumner Co. TN James had two known brothers named Greenbury and Anderson. View
17180 Samuel FERGUS, b.~ 1806; d. 20 Aug 1879, buried Seagoe Cemetery, Portadown, Co Armagh William FERGUS, b. 31 Jul 1836; d. 2 Jun 1904, Auckland, NZ View
9715 * Samuel FERGUS, b.~ 1806; d. 20 Aug 1879, buried Seagoe Cemetery, Portadown, Co Armagh Samuel FERGUS b. 14 Sep 1853, Portadown, Co Armagh; d. 2 Mar 1931, Leeds, ENG m. Elizabeth View
SMGF017 Hans HAGESTANDE b. 1811 Norway Elmer (Ted) HAGESTRANDE (FERGUSON) b. 25 Nov 1898 Madelia, Watonwan, MN SMGF
ANC110 William FERGUSON b.1812, d. 1862 Copper Harbor, Keweenaw, MI   ANC
ANC153 John L. FERGUSON 1807-1875 m. Catherine PRIEST, Both were from Cumberland County, NC. aka John McLean FERGUSON ANC
Haplogroup: I1 > M253 Farris
53999 William A. FARRIS, d. 6 May 1831, Campbell Co., VA   View
169818 Joseph FARRIS Sr., b. abt 1728 Brunswick Co. VA   View
242528 Thomas FARRIS, b 1729 and d. 1794 VA    
D2HQ2 Ian Esom FERRIS, b.~1640, Edinburgh, SCT   Ysearch
Haplogroup: I1 > M253 > L22/P109-N
142348 John FERGUSON b.~1863, IN; m. 1885 Kesiah (Kizzie) KELLY In the 1900 census the family is resident in Jefferson, Dubois, IN. View
Haplogroup: I1 > M253 > L338
      FERGUSSON of Kilkerran
47598 James FERGUSSON, b. 20 Oct 1765, Kilkerran, Ayrshire Charles FERGUSSON b. 26 Aug 1800, Kilkerran View
68719 James FERGUSSON, b. 20 Oct 1765, Kilkerran, Ayrshire Henry Duncan FERGUSSON b. 30 Sep 1816, Edinburgh. View
232978 John DUNBAR m. Fanny Louisa HOSTER 19 Dec 1852 , Summit, OH   View
Haplogroup: I2 > P37 > M423 Dinaric N  
491114 John FERRIS b. 1811 County Fermanagh, . Ireland; d. 1899, Perm, Ontario; m. Anne RUTLEDGE   View
Haplogroup: I2 > P37 > L624 Western
46423 William FERGUSON, possible James William FERGUSON, 1762-1826, born in England William was rumored to have run away from home as a boy of 13 and traveled with his uncle on a British Man of War to the states. He then jumped ship and joined the Continental Army in Pennsylvania and served throughout the Revolutionary War. View
Haplogroup: I2 > M223 Continental 2
82091 Charles Braden FERGUSON b. July 27th, 1868, Moreland Co. KY s/o Charles B. FERGUSON and Elizabeth BORDEN   View
321350 Ezra FERRIS b. 1820, PA; d. 1906, PA    
Haplogroup: I2 > M223 > CTS616 > L1230 Roots
159685NGS John FORGERSON b. Aug 1813, Minisink, Orange, NY. Fletcher Ferguson b. 20 Mar 1897, Middletown, Orange, NY View
170965 John FORGERSON b. Aug 1813, Minisink, Orange, NY. Clinton Brooks Ferguson b. 23 Mar 1888, Middletown, Orange, NY View
Haplogroup: I2 > M223 > L126 >Y4752 Isles/Sc - 15
    Branch 0 D19=15, D389-1=13
107394 Walter FERGUSON of Granemore, Co Armagh b.~ 1800.   View
197162 Thomas FERGUSON b. 1752 Ireland; d. Feb 6 1827 PA   View
James A. MILLS, b. 01/06/1805 SC and d. 1890 MS Exploring ancient ancestry of FERGUSON and MILLS  
    Branch Y19693 D19=15, D389-1=13
119288 Alexander MCCULLOUGH, 1750, Ulster, d.Unk, MS; m. Susan MARSHALL Exploring ancient ancestry of FERGUSON, MCCULLOUGH and MILLS View
    Branch I YP6208 D19=14, D389-1=13
434157 John FERGUSON b. 1825, KY; d. 1870 Crawford County, IN; m. Sarah HATFIELD   View
Wilson FERGUSON b.~1826, VA; d. 26 Sep 1863. Parents were David FERGUSON and Mary SLOAN. Wilson m. Sarah May (Sallie) SISSON 9 Sep 1847; he and his family show up in the 1850 (Roanoke 57th district) and 1860 (Floyd County, pg 20) census records. Wilson and Sarah had 8 recognized children: Elizabeth, Sarah C. (died at 18), Charles L. George Washington, Mary F., Ludlow B, John William (died at 4), and Effie Bell. View
36406 Mathias FERGUSON, son of James, who on 8 Oct 1865 married Mary MCCABE at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Lavy, Stradone, county Cavan James FERGUSON of Killagrogan in the Tithe Applotment Books circa 1834 View
84395 * John Campbell FERGUSON b 1775 Halifax Co, VA son Anthony McKnight FERGUSON b. 10 Oct 1818, d. 22 Oct 1888, Russell Co., VA View
314850 John Campbell FERGUSON b. 17 Jan 1775 Halifax, VA son Benjamin Harrison FERGUSON b. 1835 Russell Co. VA View
84965 Andrew FERGUSON b. Nov 1793, NC; d. Feb 8, 1871 Russell County, VA; m. Oct 27, 1823 Sullivan County, TN to Margaret KELLEY The Ferguson Connection, Russell County, Virginia 1775-1994 Library of Congress card number 95-69327 by Christine and Conley D. Stallard.  
477057 Alexander FERGUSON b.~1806, Ireland; m. Pheobe See also Artrea, county Tyrone View
19692 Joseph FERGUSON m. Janet WOODS, 24 Dec 1875 Dungannon, co. Tyrone, N Ireland Joseph's father was William Ferguson, a farmer View
110016 Thomas FERGUSON b. ~1815, Scotland; m. 23 Mar 1838 Margaret MCCAW (MCCAY)   View
108667 NGS Alexander FERGUSON, b 1790, Magheragall, Co Antrim   View
266646 Robert FERGUSON b.~1812, Ireland; d. 1877 Philadelphia, PA; m. Jane JARVIS   View
13424. Charles FERGUSON, a wood turner in a linen mill, b. abt 1824; d. 1882 Coalisland/Roughan, Co. Tyrone His father, Zechariah FERGUSON, was a wheelwright. Nothing else is known about him View
         Robert Ferguson Sr. Lincoln County, NC
182879 Robert FERGUSON d.~1794, NC m. Sarah Thomas FERGUSON b. Jul. 19, 1780 Lincoln County, NC View
185584 NGS Robert FERGUSON d.~1794, NC m. Sarah Thomas FERGUSON b. Jul. 19, 1780 Lincoln County, NC View
143992 Andrew FERGUSON d. 1810, NC Thomas FERGUSON, Esquire b. 1760 View
206789 Andrew FERGUSON d. 1810, NC Thomas FERGUSON, Esquire b. 1760 View
179964 NGS Andrew FERGUSON d. 1810, NC John FERGUSON b. 1783 NC; d. Sep. 6 1846, NC; m. Polly McWILLIAMS View
201307 Robert Robin FERGUSON b. 1764, Ireland Robert Robin Love FERGUSON b.~1802, York SC View
162472 Robert Robin FERGUSON b. 1764, Ireland Andrew Fitzpatrick FERGUSON b.1800 York SC; d. Mar 1876; Haywood County, NC View
148477 Robert Robin FERGUSON b. 1764, Ireland Andrew Fitzpatrick FERGUSON b.1800 York SC; d. Mar 1876; Haywood County, NC View
142030 Robert Robin FERGUSON b. 1764, Ireland Andrew Fitzpatrick FERGUSON b.1800 York SC; d. Mar 1876; Haywood County, NC View
     Branch II D19=15, D389-1=12
198378 James William FERGUSON m. Mary H SMITH 17 Oct 1880, Miami, KS   View
319982 Robert FERGUSON, b.~ 1785, County Down, Ireland; d. 2 August 1845, Allegheny County, PA; m. cir. 1810, Margaret ANDREW, in PA   View
59961 William FERGUSON 1709-93 m. Mary MCCALL; lived at Eastside Farm, Guffockland, Kirkconell, Dumfriesshire.   View
91841 John FERGUSON b.~ 1766, TN; d. 11 Feb 1833, TN; m. Delila CUNNINGHAM   View
523602 James FERGUSON, b. 12 Nov. 1796 KY, m. Margaret LYKINS s/o William FERGUSON and Catherine LEMASTER View
116027 William FERGUSON b.~1810 KY; m. Nancy WILLIAMS Believed to descend from Josiah FERGUSON b: Abt. 1725 Belfast View
         Ferguson of Growell
77777 James FERGUSON b.~ 1850; m. Mary (Minnie) BELL 1 Jul 1879 Joseph Bell FERGUSON Sr. b. 24 May 1880 Growell; d. 28 Dec 1967, New York NY View
130154 Thomas FERGUSON of Ballykeel m. Hannah Ellen JAMISON, Sep 21, 1881, Dromore 1st Presbyterian, county Down Thomas John FERGUSON b. 26 May 1888 Ballykeel, Dromore, County Down; d. 8 Sep 1968 Newton, Middlesex, MA View
114210 William FERGUSON and Agnes Nancy PATTERSON m. Nov 15 1861 Cargycreevy Presbyterian Parish William FERGUSON is brother to James FERGUSON, who was father to Henry George "Harry" FERGUSON. View
192529 James Christie FERGUSON b. 07 Sep 1822, Dailly, Ayrshire son of David and Elizabeth   View
13889 * William FERGUSSON b. ~1760, Scotland;. m. Jane LINDSAY Said to be a descendant of Annie Laurie b. 1682 married Alexander FERGUSSON View
82176 John FERGUSON b. ~1785 England   View
50304 John FERGUSON of Garstang, m. April 27, 1778 to Jenny WRIGHT, Preston, Lancashire   View
494633 James FERGUSON b.~1805, PA; m. Mary LAMBERT   View
105458 James Henry FERGUSON b. Jul 1856, LA; d. May 2, 1921, New Orleans, LA. James is probably the son of James Ray FERGUSON b.~1826, Paisley. View
ANC102 Alexander FERGUSON of Drumhirk, Newtownards, county Down, b.~1828 son of John   ANC
Haplogroup: I2 > M223 > L126 > Y4750 > BY3819 Isles/Sc - 16
SMGF100 James FERGUSON, b. 1827, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, ENG   View
      Branch F1 BY3819* DYS393=14, DYS391=10
N33035 William FORGIE b. 1814 county Down, N Ireland   View
211477 NGS Andrew FORGEY b. 04 Feb 1734, N Ireland   View
215267 NGS Andrew FORGEY b. 04 Feb 1734, N Ireland    
216050 Samuel FORGY 1726 - 1770, Ireland    
124767NGS William Angus D Ferguson b. 29 Aug 1877 Thurso, Caithness, SCT   View
      Branch F2 BY3819 > Y20072* DYS490=10
402409 Thomas FERGUSON b.~1726 son of James; d. 1786, SC   View
315917 Thomas FERGUSON b.~1726 son of James; d. 1786, SC According to the Confederate General Samuel Wragg FERGUSON this line originates with the Fergusson of Craigdarroch View
49931 Dr. James FERGUSON b: ~1757, linen draper of Chichester Street, Belfast   View
16810NGS Joseph FERGUSON b. ~1800 of Drumbrawn, parish of Annagh, County Cavan, Ireland. Likely related to Thomas FERGUSON of Drumbrawn who was buried 25 June 1831 at age 73. View
      Branch F3.4 BY3819 > Y20072 > BY3821* YCA=19,20  
284568NGS William FERGUSON b. 1798, KY; d. 1862, McDonough, IL; m. Eleanor SANDUSKY   View
229719 William FERGUSON b: 8 Aug 1815, Antrim, Ireland   View
173397 James FERGUSON m. 1780 Elizabeth CROKER, London Ferguson Of The Folly  
456347 James FERGUSON b.~1810, Ireland; m. Mary LEETCH   View
73280 Henry FERGUSON b. 11 Mar 1793 Washington Co. PA or Scotland   View
91583 Joseph FERGUSON b.~1820 OH; d. Sep. 19, 1893 Jasper County IA; m. Saphrona THAYER   View
526257 James Henry FERGUSON b.~1841, OH or IA   View
79812 Andrew Devinney FERGUSON, b. 1826 Black Lick Township, Indiana Co., PA s/o James FERGUSON d. Mar 1846 Black Lick Township, PA; m. Margaret View
356099, B54436 Jacob MILLER b.~1790, PA Exploring FERGUSON matches at 67 Markers View
      Branch F3.6 BY3819 > Y20072 > BY3821* DYS390=23, DYS458=28  
113655 Nathaniel M. BARBER (b 1825 SC - d 1864 Washington Co., AL) Exploring FERGUSSON match GD=7 of 111  
252825 John L. BARBER (b 1770, County Antrim, Ireland - d 1848, Chambers Co., AL) Exploring FERGUSON matches View
84968 James FERGUSSON, Stone Dyker b.~ 1770, Glencairn, Dumfriesshire; m. Margaret MOFFAT   View
William James FERGUSON (1811-1890) in Hammonville, KY. Recent heritage is banking and cattle ranching in OK and KS View
148383 Edward W FERGUSON b. 1821, Winchester, Frederick, VA   View
277873NGS Alexander FARGUSON b.~1630, Berwick-On-Tweed, Northumberland, England   View
75126NGS James FERGUSSON married Margaret MCILWRICK 17 Mar 1718 Dailly, Ayrshire. son Robert FERGUSSON ch. 2 May 1731 Dailly married Jean MACKERNIE 12 Jun 1760 Dailly View
108417 James FERGUSON born or baptized 5 Apr 1794, New Cumnock, Ayrshire s/o David FERGUSON and Jean ANDERSON View
182729 William M. FERGUSON b.~ Apr 1831, Scotland   View
149047 Walter FERGUSON b. 26 Feb 1813, Kingswell, Ayrshire Walter was son of Ivy FERGUSON and Janes ROSS View
70865 James FERGUSON chr. 30 Mar 1820 Bromfield, Cumberland s/o Robert and Susan   View
      Branch F3.8 BY3819 > Y20072 > BY3821* DYS455=12
121578NGS John FERGUSON b. 1834, Scotland son of John Edward Thomas Dunn(e) FERGUSON b.1871, England View
133709 James FERGUSSON, Ploughman m.~1790 Ann CLERK, Dumfriesshire View
213493 William FERGUSSON b. 24 Jan 1830, Maybole, Ayrshire   View
306183 James FERGUSON, b. 1796, Tennessee, m. Sarah MAXWELL   View
439777 Robert FERGUSON of Frederick Co MD. d. 1773; m. Margaret   View
      Branch F4 BY3819 > Y20072 > BY3821 > Y30372*
257851 *NGS William C. Ferguson b. 1830 PA; m. Emeline S.   View
17426NGS Adam FERGUSON, b. 1660 England or Scotland Anthony FERGUSON, b. 28 Oct 1804 Beaufort, Carteret Co., NC View
N39772 Adam FERGUSON, b. 1660 England or Scotland; d. 1714 Craven Co, NC. Elijah FERGUSON, b. 1811 Carteret Co, NC View
       Branch F5 BY3819 > Y20072 > BY3821 > Y30372 > A11471*  
204544NGS Walter FERGUSON b.~ 1820, Ireland other Fermanagh family names through marriage ...Dundas, Fletcher, Ovens, Strong, Kerr, Maxwell. View
204552NGS Andrew FERGUSON b.~1799; d. 1865 Fermanagh, Ireland   View
199741 NGS James FERGUSON d. 1795, Buffalo Valley, PA   View
Haplogroup: J2
128092 John FERGUSON m. Charlotte RALSTON 1844 Rutherglen, Scotland   View
213198 Robert Graham FERGUSSON b.~1843, Dumfrieshire; m. Jean CAMPBELL   View
555098 Joel FERGUSON b. 1774 Montgomery Co. VA; d. 21 Sep 1869 Madison, Jefferson, IN; m. Mary BOOTH   View
ANC104 Thomas FERGUSON m. Cynthia SNIDER 22 Sep 1825, Bedford VA   ANC
Haplogroup: R1a > M512 Basic
255200 James B FERGUSON b.1798 Belfast, Ireland; d. 6 May 1851 Memphis Ward 5, Shelby, TN   View
19638 Charles FERGUSON b. abt 1822 in England Scottish father and an English mother. View
556507 Joshua FERGUSSON b. 1790 Ballymoyer Armagh Ireland; d. 1867 Tasmania, Australia; m. Elisabeth EVANS   View
660959 James McFarlane FERGUSSON b. 1862 Renfrew Ontario Canada   View
Haplogroup: R1a > M512 > L448 > CTS4179
359138 Hugh FERGUSON b. 1740-1750, VA; m. Massie Osburn   View
N34289 William FERGUSON s/o William FERGUSON and Janet LYLE, b. 24/03/1816, Paisley, Renfrewshire View
173636 William FERGUSON, b. 1796, Lincoln County, NC; William m. Margaret HENRY, Rhea, County, TN, 1823. Suspect link to Robert FERGUSON, Sr. who died 1794 Lincoln county, NC View
65562 John Toliver FERGUSON b. Feb 1, 1885 Buffalo, Leon TX; d. Jan 16, 1960, Dallas, TX Probable grandson of Tolaferro L FERGUSON b.~1811, NC View
131447 Samuel FERGUSON b.~1838, Stirling s/o Samuel FERGUSON and Mary CARMICHAEL   View
N84615 William FERGUSON b.~1823/7, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire   View
209395 Rasmus Ingebrigtsson Slåttelid c1761 Volda, MRO, Norway GD=7 of 67 to a FERGUSON  
     DYS570=20 or 21
N115616 William FERGUSON b. 1825 Lake View Corner, New Brunswick, Canada   View
N24246 James FERGUSON (born 1808) who emigrated from Corroneary Manor, County Cavan, Ireland to Upper Canada in 1836 James' father is likely Alexander FERGUSON who is recorded as holding lands in Drumbinnis as late as 1819. View
58513 Christopher FERGUSON b.~ 1810, PA Joel FERGUSON, b 20 June, 1840, OH, d 18 Sept, 1921, Memphis, TN View
73209 Christopher FERGUSON b. 19 Oct 1812 PA Christopher was married to Elizabeth "Betty" BARRETT about 1832 View
227747 Benjamin FERGUSON b. 1766, Pardshaw, Cumberland   View
26271 John FERGUSON of Dooreagh, Cootehill b. ~1814. In the Tithe Applotment Books of 1833 there is listed a George FERGUSON of Dooreagh; he is likely my ancestor. View
Haplogroup: R1a > M512 > Z93
389611 Alexander FERGUSSON of Ballyoukan in 1641   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 Basic
94024 Peter FERGUSON b. 1769/70 Ulva, Mull, Argyll   View
481344 John FERGUSON b. bet. 1825-1836, Scotland; d.1906 Stony Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada; m. Christina MCGILLVRAY   View
SMGF005 Daniel (Donald) FERGUSON b. bet. 1814-1821 Prince Edward Island, Canada; m. Elizabeth HUBBARD   SMGF
16605 Richard FERGUSON, Scottshouse, Co. Monaghan married Sydney WELSH of Killyfargy in 1757. Richard FERGUSON, supposedly, was a Captain in the Kings Black Horse a Dragoon Regiment of the British Army in Ireland. View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF13 > FGC29286 Irish II was South Irish
257329 NGS Covington FERGUSON, b. ~1770, b. Halifax or Pittsylvania Co, VA   View
32013 Robert Ferguson d.~1825, Madison Co., AL View
B7071 Nimrod FERGUSON b~ 1732 Edgecombe, NC Trying to verify that Isaac Ferguson and Elizabeth Edwards are Nimrod's parents View
29133 David T. FERGUSON - born 05 Dec 1816, GA & died Dec 1907 in Carroll County, AR   View
205257 Horatio FERGUSON b.~1815, VA; m. Sarah BARTON in Madison County, AL, 1835   View
219326 * Richard C FERGUSON b.~1790, NC   View
521824 Richard C FERGUSON b. 24 Dec 1791, NC; d. 17 May 1864, Hickman, TN   View
175705 John Marshall FERGUSON b. Apr 5, 1837, MO John's father was born in VA View
160703 Andrew FERGUSON m. Janet DICKSON 17 Jun 1720, Newlands, Peeblesshire   View
88088 NGS Pleasant W FERGUSON b.~ 1815, VA; m. Jane MOORE 18 Dec 1838, Patrick Co., VA; d. ~1853, AR Claude FERGUSON b. 07 Jan 1880 in Bakersfield, CA son of Richard N. Ferguson View
106112 John FERGUSON, b. 6 Jan 1781, NC, d. 14 Apr 1876, Claiborne Co., TN   View
ANC111 Josiah R. FERGUSON b. 1819, Pittsylvania, VA   ANC
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF13 > FGC5494
167989 William FARRIS b.~1746, Ulster William FARRIS (many spelling variations on record, but this is how Charlestown, South Carolina recorded him & his wife when he emigrated on the James & Mary snow type ship in 1767 from Larne). They note that he was a weaver, age 21 and his wife Mary was age 26. No children are recorded. View
B7006 William FARRIS, 1768, UK   View
307389 Frances (Fergie) FARRELL of Lackan, Donegal, Ireland b. circa 1730   View
63976 James Watt FERGUSON b. 17 Aug 1852, Skene, Aberdeenshire s/o Charles FERGUSON and Jessie WATT View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21> DF13 > BY246 MacWho
10641 * Andrew FERGUS b. 12 May 1673, Newdyke, Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton   View
403576 John FERGUSON of Fourmileburn, co. Antrim, who died c. 1750; married Ellen GILLILAND of Collin (Collen), co. Antrim   View
92283 Samuel FERGUSON b. 23 Mar 1836, Armagh, NIR   View
154238 John Myron FERGUSON b. 1814, Scotland   View
82506 Thomas FERGUSSON, b.~1831 , Hamilton, Lanarkshire s/o Thomas FERGUSON and Isabella REID   View
284620 William FERGUS m. 1808 Agnes CRAIG, Hamilton, Lanarkshire    
50527 William FERGUS m. 1808 Agnes CRAIG, Hamilton, Lanarkshire   View
10839 William FERGUS b. 1792; d. ~1845    
21869NGS Jacob FURRY b. 1787 PA and d. 1873 in Owen County, IN.   View
291625 James FERGUSON b.~ 1745; m. Helen JARVIE 25 MAY 1770 at Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland   View
SMGF014 John Myron FERGUSON b. Abt 1814 Scotland   SMGF
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF13 > ZZ10 > S19268 Hebrides
140196 * Uilleam ClannFhearghuis (William Ferguson) b.~1796 son of Pàdruig (Peter), Ross And Cromarty Pàdruig is believed to be a son of Feargas (Fergus). In the 17th Century, Lord Seaforth brought Feargas (and it is said a brother) from Redcastle, The Black Isle, Inverness-shire to Lewis. He/They were established as blacksmiths at the village of Ceòs, Lochs, Lewis. View
B86868 Donald Mac Iain Oig FERGUSON b. 1825 Isle of Pabbay, Scotland   View
137307 * Neil FERGUSON b.~ 1806 at St. Kilda the son of John FERGUSON and Mary MCQUEEN The Ferguson of St. Kilda are said to have been relocated from island of Berneray after the smallpox epidemic in the 1720s. View
295366 Neil FERGUSON b~1768; d. 16 Nov 1833; m. Mary McINTOSH d/o Hugh and Catherine ROSS in Nairn Nairnshire 27 Mar 1811 .   View
73403 * John A. FERGUSON b. 12 Apr 1821 Kilinian, Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland John A possibly the son of John FERGUSON b 6/2/1811 Kilmore, Argyle, Scotland & Ann LAMONT. View
62470 Henry FERGUSON b.~1840, Fermanagh, son of James FERGUSON   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF13 > Z255 > L159.2 Irish Sea was Leinster
118977 John FARRELLY b. 22 Mar 1840, Drumlane Parish, son of Michael Michael FARRELLY is in Griffiths Valuation 1850s, Townland of Garfiny, Drumlane Parish, co. Cavan as is a Patrick FARRELLY. View
178594 John FARRELLY b.~ 1801; d. 1879 Drumreilly, County Leitrim, Ireland   View
89389 John Alexander FERGUSON b. 1832, Scotland; m. Martha BRADLEY   View
8YRRF Farrell QUIGLEY b~ 1820, Ireland   Ysearch
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF13 > Z253 > Z17693
B2715NGS Henry FERGUSON b. 1807, Athol Township, Prince Edward County, Ontario   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF13 & Z2542  
485407 John Henry FERGUSON b. 16 Nov 1854, Baltimore, MD   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF21 > S190 > FGC3197 Little Scottish Cluster
145432 Alexander FERGUSON b~1820, PA; d. 1903, Boyd, KY   View
179728 NGS
Olly A FERGUSON, b. ~1795, d.~1832 Sabine Co, TX   View
272810 Olly Alexander FERGUSON b. 1795, Pike County, MS; m. Drucilla COOK; d. 1832, Sabine Co. TX   View
N23141 Alexander FERGUSON b 8 Oct 1776, Blair Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland. s/o William FERGUSSON and Isabella ROBERTSON who married 23 Dec 1763 Blair Atholl, Perthshire View
ANC105 Thomas FERGUSON b. Jun. 25, 1816 TN, d. May 30, 1900, Hickman, KY   ANC
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF21 > S190 > Z36750 Little Scottish Cluster
B6603NGS William Henry KIDD, b. 1865 and d. 1932, CA   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF21 > S7858 Scotland to Virginia
    Branch I
528262 James A. FRANKLIN b. 1828 Athens, Limestone Co., AL son Robert Marion FRANKLIN b. 1853 MO View
73448 James A. FRANKLIN b. 1828 Athens, Limestone Co., AL   View
526998 Edward W FERGUSON b.~1807, VA   View
N45200 William D FERGUSON b. Jul 1829, VA m. Lucinda William is probably son of Richard FERGUSON b.~1797, VA View
114557 Benjamin Franklin FERGUSON b. 07 May 1802 Cumberland County, KY 1850 census: Morgan, Illinois View
364425 NGS Benjamin Franklin FERGUSON b. 07 May 1802 Cumberland County, KY 1850 census: Morgan, Illinois View
N118237NGS Benjamin Franklin FERGUSON b. 07 May 1802 Cumberland County, KY 1850 census: Morgan, Illinois View
187711   Pursuing an adoption and DNA testing has shown a common ancestry with some FERGUSON.  
43218 John FARGERSON, born about 1773 in Amelia Co., VA. Suspect link to Wiley FERGUSON listed with a land warrant in Albemarle Co. VA in 1793. View
136271 John FERGUSON b. 1813, KY Census records indicate John's father was born in VA and his mother was born in NC. View
139630 Jeremiah FERGUSON b.~1818, VA; m. Thursama Ann COOP in Hawkins County, TN Jan 19, 1843   View
166560* John Wesley FURGERSON b. Jan 15, 1814, TN; d. Aug 01, 1901, Nortonville, Hopkins County, KY   View
         William Ferguson and Judah Wood
44261 James Hamilton FERGUSON b. 1802, SC Robert James FERGUSON Sr. b. November 4, 1888 Sherman, Texas View
162470 James Hamilton FERGUSON b. 1802, SC Auther FERGUSON b. Oct 1898, AR View
153091 Champion FERGUSON b. 1813, KY; d. 1881 TN   View
147175 Henry Wood FERGUSON b. 8 Feb, 1793 SC   View
93983 Miles FERGUSON, b. 1803 Laurens County, SC Miles' father and grandfather may have been Richard FERGUSON b~ 1760 , VA and Thomas FERGUSON b~ 1726 Charleston, SC View
175682 Obe(a)diah FERGUSON b.~1767 in Warfield, Martin Co., KY or Franklin Co., VA Joel Martin FERGUSON was born in Feb 1798 in Lee Co. VA View
193205 Jesse KIDD died in the War of 1812, death reported 16 Feb 1815, at Camp Carter, Henrico County, VA   View
62286* Toliver FERGUSON, b abt 1800 TN   View
203891 Joseph Henry FERGUSON b. 1880, Brunswick, MO son of Henry Louis FERGUSON b. 1850, d. 1930 View
188449 Joseph FERGUSON b. 1817, TN   View
19596 Douglas FERGUSON b. 1788 in VA. son George Milton Ferguson b. 1835, Dyer, TN View
N115271 Douglas FERGUSON b. 1788 in VA son Allen Ferguson b.~1812 View
159238 John S. STUBBLEFIELD b. 12 Jun 1827 Exploring the link between surnames STUBBLEFIELD and FERGUSON revealed by DNA testing View
199846 Robert C. STUBBLEFIELD b. 26 Jun 1834 AL   View
ANC112 Albert FERGUSON b.~1849, GA a descendant of John FERGUSON and Elizabeth WARD   ANC
    Branch II
111644 John FERGUSON b. 1823 Ooltewah or Hamilton County, Tennessee; m. Sarah Jane COLLINS   View
         Robert Ferguson and Martha Baugh and related families
42807 John FERGUSON b.~ 1726, VA m. Mary GILL Archibald FERGUSON b.~ 1787 Bedford Co., VA View
118466 John FERGUSON b.~ 1726, VA m. Mary GILL Jeremiah FERGUSON b. 1760 to 1765 View
113169 John FERGUSON b.~ 1726, VA m. Mary GILL Isham FERGUSON b.~ 1756 Franklin County, VA View
106299 Robert FERGUSON Jr. b.~1660, SCT; m. Martha BAUGH James FERGUSON b. 1740, Chesterfield Co., VA View
161159 Moses FERGUSON, b. ~1750; m. Elizabeth LIVELY Ransom Montgomery FERGUSON b. 5 Oct 1840, Bayou Chicot, LA View
132821 Moses FERGUSON, b. ~1750; m. Elizabeth LIVELY Henry Thornton FERGUSON b. 1852 Bayou Chicot, St. Landry, LA. View
662471 Aaron FERGUSON b. 30 Mar 1785, SC; d. 30 Sep1861, LA   View
47475 William FERGUSON circa 1770 parish of Daviot, Aberdeenshire, SCT Believed to descend from William FERGUS who lived at Crichie circa 1600. View
B11337 James Calvin FERGUSON b. 1822-1828 LA; d. 1880 TX; m. Elizabeth Jane LAUDERDALE   View
12950 NGS Elijah FERGUSON b. ~1775 in Culpepper Co., VA Would like to test idea that John Ferguson of Culpepper is the father of Elijah. View
167881* William GORDON c. 1796-1874 Exploring matches to the FERGUSON surname View
283863 William GORDON b.~1795, Ireland Exploring matches to the FERGUSON surname  
B66066   Pursuing an adoption and DNA testing has shown a common ancestry with some FERGUSON.  
SMGF016 Telfair M. FERGUSON b. 25 Jan 1811 MS   SMGF
    Branch III
25018 Jeremiah BRUCE b.~ 1804, South Carolina Exploring the link between surnames BRUCE and FERGUSON revealed by DNA testing Kit# 25018
    Branch IV
182577 Henry FERGUSON b.~1788, Limavady, Co. Londonderry; m. Jane REID View
271654NGS Robert FERGUSON b. 1837 Londonderry, Londonderry, Northern Ireland d. 13 Apr 1882 Camberwell, Victoria, Australia   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF21 > S5488 Null 425
66786 Thomas Jefferson FERGUSON b. Wilkes, NC; d. Oct. 31, 1887 in Lamar Co., TX 1880 census record show Thomas' father born Ireland, mother born N. Carolina View
208397NGS Rev James M MCCLOUD b. 1854 or 1858 Exploring James C. FURGERSON b. 1801 NC as possible ancestor View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > DF49
54897 Austin FERGUSON m. Eliza Ann GOOCH abt 1843, Jefferson Co., MO   View
167891 * Lt. James FERGUSON 57th Regiment of Foot, HM Army, 1815 See the Fergusons of Auchensoul, Ayrshire View
196736 Thomas FERGUSON b. Feb. 3, 1732, Bendochy Perthshire Scotland R-L21 View
175015 Thomas WILSON of Habersham co GA, 1802-1889 Exploring close match to some FERGUSON View
59601NGS Thomas WILSON b 17 Dec 1808 Burke Co, NC DF-49+ Exploring close match to some FERGUSON View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > L1065 Scots Basic
108292 George Cochrane FERGUSON b. 1824, Airdrie, Lanarkshire; d, 1882 Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. Suspect link to John FERGUSON b. 1738, Scotland; m. Mary BRUCE View
128634 Fergus FERGUSSON, who resided at Little Lude, married in 1739 Elspeth KENNEDY Tradition is that this family is descended from Adam FERGUSSON of Dunfallandy View
83334 John FARQUHARSON 1764-1835 farmer in the parish of Logie Coldstone - near Deeside in Aberdeenshire View
235749 Robert FERGUSON b.~1823, Perthshire; d. 1905 in Tatty Hill, Calabogie, Bagot Twp., Renfrew Co., Ontario   View
558720 Murdoch FERGUSON b.~1813, Harris, Scotand   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > L1065 > S764 Scots Branch I
102726 Joseph R. FERGUSON b.~1818, VA   View
24367 William FERGUSON deeded land 1769 in Albemarle Co, VA. It has been passed down that William had at least one brother and that he died in the Revolutionary War. View
181400 Benjamin FERGUSON b.~1836, TN His father may possibly be Hubbard S. Fergerson (around 1798, North Carolina) View
124496 Francis Marion FERGUSON, b.~1831, Warren County, TN His father may possibly be Hubbard S. Fergerson (around 1798, North Carolina) View
697280 Josiah FERGUSON b.~1800, SC; m. Elizabeth COLWELL   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > L1065 > S764 >S760 Scots Branch II
B5642 Ryal FERGUSON b.~1805, VA Ryal is probable son of Edmund FERGUSON who married Elizabeth FUQUA 23 Apr 1782 Littleton Parish, Cumberland County VA View
19263 *, 389923 Daniel FERGUSON, b. abt 1779 in Albemarle County, VA Believe we came from Scotland View
53675 Catherine GILMORE and William FERGUSON who married 28 Oct 1793 in Albemarle Co., VA A James Ferguson showed up on the St. Anne's Parish Tax Lists before William showed up, so I believe he is in some way related to James. View
235156 NGS John FERGUSON 1780 in Amherst, VA; d. 28 Mar 1840 Gasconade Co, MO; m. Nancy SMITH    
89310 John FERGUSON b. 1780 in VA John FERGUSON may have been the son of David FERGUSON b. ~1762 and Jane SMITH b. ~1765, unproven. John's family moved from VA to MO in the 1820's. Sons David and James Parson FERGUSON migrated to Dallas, TX in 1860, and both served in the Confederate Army. View
63536 Abraham FERGUSON b. Sept. 27, 1803, Fayette County, KY Robert Ripley came to my Great Great Grandfather Volney Wheat Ferguson and informed him that he had recovered documents that we thought were burned in the Revolutionary War stating that there was a marriage with an Annie Laurie that would make us direct descendants. View
317076 Abraham FERGUSON b. 27 Sep 1803 KY; d. 1 Aug 1854; m. Mary Keller MATSON Abraham is son of Abraham FERGUSON son of John FERGUSON who emigrated from Scotland to Virginia in 1700's  
N42251 Edmond FERGUSON about 1760-1828 VA, grandfather of Albert Wilkins FERGUSON 1821-1891, VA It has been suggested that Edmond was the son of John Ferguson VA who was the son of Patrick Ferguson a Jacobite rebel deported from Liverpool aboard the Elizabeth and Anne in 1716. View
557543 Edmund FERGUSON, b. 1760 Dinwiddie Co. VA   View
526831 Jesse W FERGUSON b. Oct 10 1813, Jasper, GA   View
55028 Thomas FERGUSON m. Hanna MURPHY 12 Dec 1796, Franklin co., KY   View
117507 James FERGUSON of Berryville, Carroll co., AR    
84259 Samuel FERGUSON, father of Samuel Allen, born bet. 1775-1781, VA Trying to find out whether or not there is a link with John FERGUSON and Ann STUBBLESON of Essex County, VA. View
360709 Albert R. FERGUSON, b. 1818, TN; m. Rebecca PRICE 1850 Census: DeSoto Co., MS View
175543 Robert Alanza FERGUSON b.~1833, Limestone Co., AL   View
187634 William Bailey (or Balley) FERGUSON b. 1844 Brookeland, Sabine, TX; d. 1915 Buna, Jasper, TX   View
181982 John Andrew FERGUSON b. 1823, VA; m. Lucetta Bell   View
347100 Joseph FERGUSON, b. 1824, Edgefield, SC, d. 6 May 1864, Battle of the Wilderness, VA m. Sara E. GARRETT   View
410401 William FERGUSON b. 26 Feb 1794, Chester, SC   View
        John FERGUSON and Ann STUBBLESON
49641 John FERGUSON Jr. b.~ 1685 Rappahannock Co., VA James Francis FERGUSON Sr. b.~ 1750 VA; m. Elizabeth HUNLEY View
49278 James FERGUSON III b.~ 1740 Goochland Co., VA Lawrence Sumner FERGUSON Sr. b. Oct 3 1885 Cleveland Co, AR View
58045 James FERGUSON III b.~ 1740 Goochland Co., VA Clifton Breckenridge FERGUSON b. 15 Aug 1890 Cleveland Co. AR; m. Mary Elizabeth YOUNGBLOOD View
169235 James FERGUSON III b.~ 1740 Goochland Co., VA Robert Ira FERGUSON b. 1803, SC View
481329 James FERGUSON II b.~ 1715 Goochland Co., VA Robert FERGUSON, b. 1745 VA; d.1794 in Chester County SC m. Elizabeth Martin View
N83709 James FERGUSON II b.~ 1715 Goochland Co., VA Abraham FERGUSON b.~19 Sep 1751, Goochland County, VA View
385594 James FERGUSON II b.~ 1715 Goochland Co., VA Adams FERGUSON b.~1753, Goochland County, VA View
639562 James FERGUSON II b.~ 1715 Goochland Co., VA Adams FERGUSON b.~1753, Goochland County, VA View
45585 James FERGUSON II b.~ 1715 Goochland Co., VA Samuel FERGUSON b.~ 1755 Granville, NC View
593551 James FERGUSON II b.~ 1715 Goochland Co., VA John Cunningham PETTIGREW b. 07 Jun 1869, Abbeville, SC View
N50178 James FERGUSON I, b.~1687, VA John Fleming FERGUSON b. 09 Dec 1797 SC View
454668 NGS James FERGUSON I, b.~1687, VA Seymour SAVAGE b.~1867, SC probably son of Gideon FERGUSON b.~1832, SC or Lewis FERGUSON b.~1834, SC View
286879 James FERGUSON I, b.~1687, VA Napolean B FERGUSON b.~1843 MS; m. M. M. ROMINE 14 Oct 1876, Sunflower Co., MS View
B99532 James FERGUSON I, b.~1687, VA Jacob FERGUSON b. 1782 Butler, AL View
419026 James FERGUSON, b.~ 1785/1788, Fairfield, SC   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > L1065 > S764 > S9767 Scots Branch III
75938 NGS Thomas FERGUSSON b.~1760; d. 1844 Moulin, Perthshire. Genealogy proven from current generations back to Thomas, confirming the facts quoted in 'Records of the Clan Fergus(s)on', p209. The Perth family migrated to Dunbarton (dropping an 'S' on the way), thence to Glasgow, before my father migrated to NZ in 1936. One branch retained the double-S and moved to Cardiff around 1858. View
109206 Henry FERGUSON b. 22 Jan 1767/1768 Rambout NY Henry is believed to be a son of Elijah FERGUSON b. ~1730 of Dutchess County, NY View
728178 John FERGUSON b. 1627 Stratford, CT; d. 12 Jun 1681 Westchester, NY; m. Sarah HUNT   View
360604 Jay D FERGUSON b.~1813/14, NY   View
120562 Richard FERGUSON b.~ 1724 Westchester Co., NY   View
140741 Gilbert FERGUSON b. 1762, Bethlehem, Dutchess County, NY   View
50425 NGS Jeremiah FERGUSON b. 1754 emigrated to NY; d. 1823, Broadalbin, NY. Jeremiah fought in the revolutionary war from 1776-1781 representing the Dutchess county militia. Oral tradition in the family dating back to 1754 says Jeremiah's father is Robert the son of Alexander FERGUSSON and Annie Laurie of Craigdarroch. View
95075 James Sweetman FERGUSON b. 1823, Canada; d. 1901, OR   View
60926   One of his ancestors was adopted and DNA testing has shown a common ancestry with some FERGUSON.  
B35376 John FERGUSON b. 1822 Middlesex, NY; d. 26 Sep 1864, Andersonville, GA   View
342992 NGS William FERGUSON b. 19 Sep 1780 Ridgebury, CT   View
247536NGS William FERGUSON b. 19 Sep 1780 Ridgebury, CT   View
424517 Frederick M FERGUSON aka MORRIS b.~1827, NY   View
83046 NGS Frederick M FERGUSON aka MORRIS b.~1827, NY   View
93293 Peter FERGUSON d. 1813, Halfmoon, Saratoga Co., NY   View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > L1065 >S691 Scots Branch IV
179602 James FERGUSON b.~1808/9, Balquhidder, Perth son of Duncan FERGUSON, a forester and Janet STEWART View
N102523 John FERGUSON m. Janet CLARK 1828 Stirlingshire View
59454 John FERGUSON b. 1778 raised in NC; m1st Susan ASHBY; m2nd Mary KIRKMAN formerly SULLIVAN   View
39889 Peter FERGUSON b. 1776 in Scotland married Janet MCINNES; son Peter born June 2, 1796 in Kilmadock, Perthshire   View
83558 Duncan MACFARLANE b. 8 Aug. 1749, Callander, Perthshire, Scotland Duncan married Margaret FERGUSON 10 Aug 1779 Callander, Perthshire. Their son Malcolm married Catherine FERGUSON 14 Dec 1827 Callander, Perthshire View
182121 NGS John FERGUSON b.~1789, Dunblane, Perthshire   View
167127 Peter FERGUSON b. 18 Jan 1801, Kincardine, Perthshire son of Donald FERGUSON, a crofter and Marran FERGUSON View
180422 Linus John FERGUSON b. 1870 What Cheer, Keokuk, IA Linus married Anna Malenda ELLIOT 1888 View
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > L1065 >S695 Scots Branch V
107121 Daniel FERGUSON b.~ 1775 Clackmannan(shire); m. Mary BOYD Henry FERGUSON b. 1811, Clackmannan, Scotland; m. Margaret HALL  
Haplogroup: R1b > L21 > L226 Irish III
166807 Eugene FERRIS b.~1841, co. Kerry and Ellen SULLIVAN   View
Haplogroup R1b > L21 > L513 > L193 > BY651 > BY2634 Combo
123878 Daniel FERGUSON b. 1810; d. 12 June 1898 son of Patrick lived at the family farm in Edenreagh Beg, Co. Derry   View
      John Ferguson and Sarah Barton
78853 Archibald FERGUSON b. 3 Mar 1790 in North Carolina John Troy FERGUSON b. 1821, Chatham, NC View
46951 NGS John FERGUSON b.~ 1766; m. Sarah BARTON; Chatam County, NC Alfred M. FERGUSON b. 23 Jan 1826, NC View
ANC108 William FERGUSON b. 11 Jun 1737; Ireland d. 30 Jun 1787 Bovevagh, Londonderry , Ireland   View
98112 NGS Thomas WILSON, b~ 1788 Ireland BigY match to 46951  
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 Basic
81459 * Dixon FORGASON b. 23 Apr 1795 in VA, d.12 Dec 1860 in Smith Co. TN Looking for Dixon's father William FORGASON/FERGUSON b.? d. 1819, Smith Co. TN  
148856 Dixon FORGASON b. 23 Apr 1795 in VA, d.12 Dec 1860 in Smith Co. TN John H Forgason, b 1829, d 1905 in Wharton, TX  
231129 John Henry FERGUSON, b. NC; d. 1889 Benton Co, IA   View
169367 John FERGUSON b. Jan 1755, York Co., VA; m. Phoebe Hill BARROW; buried in Boone Co, IN son Benjamin FERGUSON b. 8/31/1790, NC; d. Jasper Co, IL View
174076 James FERGUSON b.~1831, County Mayo son of James FERGUSON, a school master View
220391 John Robb FERGUSON b.1833 Glasgow, Lanarkshire   View
178981 Andrew FERGUSON b.~1752; 1792 resides High Crossibeg near Campbeltown, Argyllshire   View
29273 John FERGUSON b.~1836, of Largy, Killasnet, Occupation: School-teacher   View
146105 Charles FERGUSON d. 1842, Ballyshannon, Donegal Served in the 51st Regiment of Foot; Quartermaster 12 Nov 1794; Adjutant 6 Jul 1796. Son John b.~1798, Corsica Island View
214716 Thomas B FERGUSON b.~1798 NJ   View
22816 * Patrick FERGUS b 1812, Co. Mayo, IRE View
13309 William FERGUS b. 1851-1856, Co Mayo, Ireland   View
ANC109 Moses Wason FERGUSON b. 7 Jan 1803, Belfast, Waldo, Maine son of Jonathan FERGUSON and Jean WASON   View
ANC103 James FERGUSON b.~1811, Ireland; m. Ann KILDUFF 1844, Staffordshire   ANC
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > A224
   John Ferguson and Margaret Elliott
38551 John FERGUSON b. 1781-1786, Co. Cavan, Ireland Henry John Ferguson b. 26 October 1867 Riverbank, Killucan, Co. Westmeath View
13272 John FERGUSON b. 1781-1786, Co. Cavan, Ireland Robert Wesley Ferguson b. 13 July 1865, Riverbank, Killucan, Co. Westmeath View
12701 NGS John FERGUSON b. 1781-1786, Co. Cavan, Ireland Robert Wesley Ferguson b. 13 July 1865, Riverbank, Killucan, Co. Westmeath View
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > A725
202608NGS Alexander FERGUSON b.~1736 Killmore, Glenmorriston, Inverness Alexander Ferguson is on the United Empire Loyalist list, his brother Peter emigrated in 1778 Alexander's wife was Anna Phares from Scotland. They emigrated with a group of Jacobite Highlanders, Cameron's and McDonnell's, and others who were brought to settle Tryon New York by Sir John Johnson View
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > DF85  
647060 James FERGUSON of Herring Cove (near Liverpool) Queens Co, Nova Scotia, Canada 1775   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > DF97
    Branch I DYS385=12,12  
370430 Deodatus FERGUSON, b.1811, NY d. 1889.   View
276257 John FERGUSON b. ~1849, Scotland; d. 1906, Greene Co., IN; m. Margaret McFADZEN   View
13514 Matt FERGUSON b. 1824 Corroneary Manor, Knockbride, County Cavan, Ireland. I would like to think I was descended from the Matthew FERGUSON who was married first to Eleanor PRINGLE and then to Eliz MOFFETT. In 1775 he was admonished by Correneary Prebs Church for the act of Clandestine marriage to Miss Pringle. (Being married by a Church of Ireland Prelate). View
303315 Samuel FERGUSON b. 1789, Cootehill, Cavan, Ireland   View
299168 Peter FERGUSON b. 1826 Scotland; lived Toronto, Ontario   View
N16359 James FERGUSON b.~1800, PA Claudius FERGUSON b.~1824, PA; d. 23 Aug 1876, IA View
14702 James FERGUSON b.~1800, PA James Calhoun FERGUSON b.~1821, PA View
104061 John FERGUSON b.~1840, Indiana Co., PA   View
N57615 William Scott FERGUSON, b.~ 1798, KY; m. Zelah JAMISON Thomas Thompson FERGUSON b. 1830, Franklin, OH; d. 1918 Latham, Butler, KS; m. Hannah NEWLAND View
83594 William Scott FERGUSON, b.~ 1798, KY; m. Zelah JAMISON Thomas Thompson FERGUSON b. 1830, Franklin, OH; d. 1918 Latham, Butler, KS; m. Hannah NEWLAND View
422134 Thomas FERGUSON Jr b. 1756 or 1766, VA Andrew F FERGUSON b. 1794, Russell County, VA View
167241 Thomas FERGUSON Jr b. 1756 or 1766, VA Samuel H. FERGUSON b. 25 Jun 1806, Knox , KY View
31881 Thomas FERGUSON Jr b. 1756 or 1766, VA Ralston FERGUSON b. 26 Dec 1809, Knox, KY View
478216 Thomas FERGUSON Jr b. 1756 or 1766, VA William FERGUSON b. 11 Aug 1800 Russell County, VA  
361795 Lloyd FERGUSON b. 1822 TN 1860 Census: Liberty Township, St. Francois, Missouri View
    Branch II Woodruff
      Thomas FERGUSON and Jane Thompson INMAN
122908 * Thomas Houston FERGUSON (twin) b Dec 18, 1840 Arthur Houston Woodruff, b. Apr. 28, 1888, Crawford Co., MO View
224479 Thomas Houston FERGUSON (twin) b Dec 18, 1840 Arthur Houston Woodruff, born April 28, 1888, Crawford Co., MO. View
103480 William Henry Ferguson (twin) b. Dec 18, 1840 William Benjamin Woodruff b. Jun 4, 1873, Franklin Co., MO View
211872 William Henry Ferguson (twin) b. Dec 18, 1840 William Benjamin Woodruff b. Jun 4, 1873, Franklin Co., MO View
217272 William Henry Ferguson (twin) b. Dec 18, 1840 Herman Fredrick Woodruff b. Dec 10, 1869 Franklin Co., MO View
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > FGC12950
BD16931 John FERGUSON b. 1759 Stokesley, North Yorkshire, England   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > S603
36554 Fergus FERGUSSON of Bellichandy circa 1573, Perthshire Adam FERGUSSON progenitor of the Fergussons of Dunfallandy settled West Haugh in 1329. View
31280 Adam FERGUSSON (1672-1754), minister of Logierait, Perthshire Tradition is that this family is of the same stem as Adam FERGUSSON progenitor of the Fergussons of Dunfallandy View
63857 John FERGUSON b. 12 May 1783 Dowally, Perthshire View
N46629 John FERGUSON b. 1822, Comrie, Perth, Scotland   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > S659
57952 * William FERGUSON b. 18 Oct 1804 Augusta, Kennebec ME   View
380708 Gardener D FERGUSON b. 25 Nov 1806, ME   View
156061 Bryant FERGUSON, b. 1735 Amelia Co., VA; d. May 1823 Fayette Co., KY   View
67246 Terance FERGUSON b.~1828-1838; m. Alice CLANCY, Ballaghmeehan RC Bernard Joseph FERGUSON or FERGUS, b. 1863, Leitrim, Rossinver, Tullyskarney son of Terrance View
46126 John FERGUSON, of Ballina Co. Mayo, Ireland; b.~1777 John is probably son of Patrick FERGUSON d. March 1781, age 45 buried in Liegue, Ballina. View
333530 Gilbert FERGUS b.1795, Burrishoole, Mayo, Ireland   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M222 > S673
457027 Stephen Jarvis Bromley FERGUSON b. 1808 Fredericton, New Brunswick Stephen's brother John FERGUSON b. 1793, North Uist, Scotland View
N234513 Neil FERGUSON b. 1789 North Uist, Scotland; d. 1866 South Port Morien, Nova Scotia   View
641311 Alexander FERGUSON b. 1831 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada; d. Jun 20 1896 Boston MA; m. Mary Belle MACKENZIE   View
680865 William J FERGUSON b. 1872, Canada   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 Basic
ANC113 Alexander FERGUSON b. 1822, Ireland; d. 4 Oct 1878, South Africa   ANC
297563 Benjamin FERGUSON b.~ 1809 NC; resides TN 1850; m. Easter Elizabeth CAPSHAW   View
H2025 Henry FERGUSON, b.~1738, Dunfanaghy, Donegal, Northern Ireland   View
23590 Samuel Patrick FERGUSON b. 1854 in West Virginia/Virginia married Eustacia GUTHRIE in Lawrence County, Ohio .   View
348236 William FERGUSON b. 1852 or 1853; d. 29 Jun 1904, Belfast, Ireland; m. Margaret REID   View
220453 Robert FERGUS b.~1812, VA   View
70106 John FERGUSON b. 1856, Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland   View
344860 John Craggan FERGUSON b. 1752 Blair Athol Perthshire; d. 1842 Prince Edward Island Canada. View
122801 William FERGUSON b. 9 July 1786 in Wilkes Co., NC, d. 22 May 1876, Athens, TN   View
74439 Micajah FERGUSON b. May 16 1784, Wilkes county, NC. Micajah's father is believed to be John Ferguson--one of five siblings who left Virginia in the late 1700s to move in mass to Wilkes Co. NC. Their father may be a Thomas Ferguson "Sr.". View
277257 Thomas FERGUSON Jr b.: 1750 VA; m. 8 Mar 1785 Wilkes, NC; d. 7 Jul 1842 Wilkes, NC   View
ANC107 Horatio FERGUSON b.~1815, Lunenburg County, VA; m. Sarah Barton 13 Jan 1835 Madison County, AL   ANC
141750 William VERGISON b.~ 1770; Elizabeth GREEN in Wimbotsham in 1795.   View
67370 William FERGUSON b. 1829 Keir Dumfriesshire; m. Hellen MURRAY born 1845 Middlebie, Dumfriesshire   View
33010 John FERGUSON d. 1769 Netherkeir, Dumfriesshire, Scotland   View
282084 John A. FARRIS b.1812, VA; d. 1890 Carroll Co. VA; m. married to Nancy COLLIER in 1838. He later married Mary GALLIMORE in 1865 View
176152 Archibald FERGUSON b. 1771 Perthshire, SCT; d. 1844 Caledonia, Livingston, New York ; m. Christiana MCVEAN (1777-1846) Alexander FERGUSON b. 7 Feb 1816 in Caledonia, Livingston, NY; d. 6 Aug 1892 in Chetopa Twp, Neosho, KS View
176153 Archibald FERGUSON b. 1771 Perthshire, SCT; d. 1844 Caledonia, Livingston, New York ; m. Christiana MCVEAN (1777-1846) Duncan FERGUSON b. 24 Jan 1803 in Caledonia, Livingston, NY; d. 4 Oct 1884 in North Dumfries, Waterloo, Ontario View
16845 John W. FERGUSON b.abt 1769 d 25 Jun 1825 Clinton PA. View
35090 John W. FERGUSON b.abt 1769 d 25 Jun 1825 Clinton PA.   View
281625 Benjamin FERGUSON 1830-1855; m. Emily M. FOX in Johnson, Trumbull Co., OH   View
301950 NGS Alexander FERGUSON b. Mar 13, 1820 NC   View
278342 William FERGUSON b. 1793, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 1873, Greene Co., IN Pioneers in Scotland, Greene County, IN View
107336 Rev. John FERGUSON of Ballymore whose widow Isabella died 1833 aged 80   View
104228 Robert Edward FERGUSON b. Mar 29, 1911, NY, NY son of Joseph FERGUSON and Susan Margaret MCNAMARA   View
107152 Alexander FERGUSON b. 27 Aug 1851, Forfar, Angus   View
14296 James FERGUSON b.~ 1803/4 Scotland; d. 1886, NYC; m. Gordon PEDEN   View
57270 Daniel FERGUSON circa 1650, Scotland James FERGUSON b. 1676, Old Eliot, York Co., ME; d. 28 Sep 1707, Old Eliot, York Co., ME; m. Elizabeth HODSDON View
315089 Daniel FERGUSON d. 1676, Kittery ME; m. Mary FROST James FERGUSON b. 1676, Old Eliot, York Co., ME; d. 28 Sep 1707, Old Eliot, York Co., ME; m. Elizabeth HODSDON View
63841 Daniel FERGUSON circa 1650, Scotland Alexander FERGUSON b. 1671, Old Eliot, York Co., ME; d. 11 Sep 1731, Old Eliot, York Co., ME; m. Elizabeth GOWEN View
204192 James FURGUSON m. Ann PAUL 19 Jun 1823, Kinloss, Moray   View
SMGF006 Alexander FERGUSON b. about 1798 Scotland William Earl FERGUSON b. 14 Apr 1893 American Fork, UT View
173669 John MACDUFF alias FERGUSON, Baron of Fandowie in Atholl, executed 22 Aug 1600.   View
78374 Joe FERGUSON Sr., b. 1799, NC.   View
SMGF013 Wyatt FERGUSON b. 1813 Randolph County, WV Able John FERGUSON b. 19 Dec 1883 Montrose, Randolph, WV SMGF
SMGF103 James FERGUS b.~1829, MO William Maughan FERGUS b. 19 Nov 1879 Logan, Cache, UT View
641823 William FERGUS b. 1855, Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO; d. 1936 Logan, Cache, UT William Maughan Fergus b. 19 Nov 1879 Logan, Cache, UT View
654572 William FERGUS b. 1855, Saint Louis, Saint Louis, MO; d. 1936 Logan, Cache, UT Russell Fergus b. 4 Sep 1903, N. Logan, UT View
197440 Brian (Bryane) O'FARRELL, b.~1625, Ireland   View
86116 John MCKERRAS, a carpenter of Golspie m. Benjamina MACKENZIE 26/09/1818, parish of Dornoch (Sutherland)   View
180311 John FERGUSON b.~1750, VA m. Elizabeth STANDIFER   View
ANC106 Henry FERGUSON b. 21 Jan 1857 Warren, KY; d. 21 Jun 1939 Bowling Green, Warren, KY son of James FERGUSON and Martha GILBREATH   ANC
311612 James M FERGUSON b. 1832 GA; d. 1901 GA; m. 1853 GA Jackie LUMLEY    
107362 William FERGUSON b. 1784, Logierait, Perthshire m. Helen CAMPBELL James FERGUSSON b. 1814, Moulin, Perthshire m. Ann MCCRAW View
91922 Coleman FERGUSON b.~ 1783 VA d. 1864 GA son Coleman W. FERGUSON b. 1839 GA View
485151 Coleman FERGUSON b.~ 1783 VA d. 1864 GA son John Luther Ferguson, b. 1814, died 1904, Lumpkin County, GA View
363391 Robert FERGUSON b. 1641 who migrated to Poquoson, York County, VA 1870 census: Elliot FERGUSON, Newsoms Depot, Southampton, Virginia View
154404 Daniel FERGUSON b. 1716, York Co., VA Stephen Dotridge FERGUSON b. 13 Oct 1785, Bedford County, VA View
10472 * Francis FERGUS b. 8 Sep 1752 co. Tyrone, Ireland Sawyer Baxter FERGUS b. 18 Mar 1802 VA View
12699 Francis FERGUS b. 8 Sep 1752 co. Tyrone, Ireland John FERGUS b. 13 Jul 1794 Rockbridge, VA View
SMGF003 Donald Alexander FERGUSON b. 1845 Mariposa Township, Victoria, Ontario, Canada s/o Alexander Archie Neil Malcolm FERGUSON b. 4 Nov 1893 Edenbower, Douglas, OR SMGF
H1452 William FARRIS b. 1793, TN; d. 1878, TN   View
658250 Daniel F. FERGUSON b. Feb 1862 VA; d. 07 Mar 1926 Charleston, WV   View
397331 Patrick FERGUSON b.~1858, Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, Ireland; d. 1938   View
467049 Francis FERGUSON b 1791 d. 1866 Antrim; m. Agnes GAWN 1821   View
563111 John FERGUSON b. 1697 Four Mile Burn, Doagh, County Antrim; d. 1750; m. Ellen GILLILAND   View
66935 John Benjamin FERGUSON b: 1794 Mt Sterling, Montgomery Co. KY d: 29 Jan 1857 Caney Creek, Morgan Co. KY m. Elizabeth WILLIAMS Believed to descend from Josiah FERGUSON b: Abt. 1725 Belfast View
489611 John FERGUSON b.1794 KY d. 1857 KY Believed to descend from Josiah FERGUSON b: Abt. 1725 Belfast View
309288 Robert KIDD b.~1800, VA 1850 Census: District 11, Blount, TN  
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 Attymass
16180 James FERGUSON b. 1820 of Attymass. The Fergusons of Attymass were originally rumored to have been weavers who had moved into Attymass in Northeastern County Mayo from either County Donegal or County Antrim. View
20158* Patrick FERGUSON, b 1819 in Ballymore, Attymass, county Mayo, Ireland.   View
423853 James FERGUSON b. 1802, Ireland; d. 1876 Pike County, MO   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 Gillon-Fergusson
33361 Joseph GILLON m. 1808 Jane Mary BAKER The Fergussons of Isle date back to Robert the Bruce View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 Hawkins
Joseph A. FERGUSON b. 1828, in Franklin Co. VA. DNA testing has proven the progenitor of this Ferguson family is in fact a Hawkins, most likely through Bluford HAWKINS, born 1811 in Grayson, Co., VA. View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > P312 Basic
101739 Duncan FERGUSON m. Catherine DOCHART 03 Sep 1796, Comrie, Perthshire   View
270800 Duncan FERGUSON, b. 30 Nov 1773 in Comrie, Perthshire Peter FERGUSON. b. 21 Aug 1814, in Comrie, Perthshire; d 22 April 1814, Brig O Turk, Callander. m. Ann DRUMMOND 10 Jul 1835 Comrie, Perthshire; see also 101739  
104334 Charles A. FERGUSON b.~1874, Waldron, AR   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > P312 > DF88  
449566 Hugh FARQUHAR b. c 1780 County Down, Ireland d. 1841 Glasgow; m. Miss Shanks   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > P312 > Z30600 OGAP10-67
181368 Archibald FERGUSON b. Oct 1788 Rothesay, Bute   View
312727 Alexander FERGUSON m. Mary PARKER 1766 Bedford Co, VA John FERGUSON b.~1799, VA m. Anna DOWDY 1825, Franklin Co., VA View
154403 Daniel FERGUSON b.~1716 and MILDRED Donahoe Alexander FERGUSON m. Mary PARKER 1766 Bedford Co, VA View
N39351 John FERGUSON b. Jun 12, 1692 m. Janet MITCHELL in Govan, Renfrew, Scotland, Dec 3, 1718   View
B5632 Alexander FERGUSON b.~1753 Greenock , Renfrewshire, Scotland Duncan FERGUSON b. 14 Aug 1796 Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland; d. 16 Feb 1875 Oro, Simcoe county, Ontario, Canada married to Mary J. ADAIR 1801-1875 View
67130 Alexander FERGUSON b.~ 1827, SCT; m. Margaret BRICE/BRUCE 1852 in Detroit    
109373NGS Archibald FERGUSON b. 1756, Strachur, Argyllshire m. Catherine MCNEIL 23 Jan 1785, Barony, Lanarkshire Archibald's brother Dougald FERGUSON b. 1763 Strachur, Argyllshire; d. 1839 Buckingham County, Virginia View
218441 David FERGUSON b. Aug 14, 1761 Stralachlan, Argyll   View
416638 Alexander CAMPBELL 1790 Craignish Arygll Scotland   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U106 > Z156 > S5520 > FGC11662
19644 Martin FURGESON b.~1821, Ireland   View
646586 Michael FERGUSON b.~1812, Ireland; d. 1892, Calladashan, co. Mayo, Ireland   View
B12535 William FERGUSON m. Anna ROBBINS of Knowlton, NJ in 1803 1860 census: Greenwood Township, Juniata, Pennsylvania View
32593 Bryce (Brice ) FERGUSON b.~1823, VA   View
99489 Samuel FERGUSON from Randolph county NC b. 1807   View
       Samuel FERGUSON and Mary JAMESON  
48699 Samuel FERGUSON b.~1790 Cabell Co, VA Samuel "Vincent" FERGUSON b. 1824, Cabell, VA View
113112 Samuel FERGUSON b.~1790 Cabell Co, VA Elisha FERGUSON b.1814, Cabell County, VA View
268260 Samuel FERGUSON b.~1790 Cabell Co, VA son John FERGUSON Sr. b.~1766 Cabell Co, VA; d. 1855, Wayne Co, VA; m. Margaret MCKINNEY View
63394 Samuel FERGUSON b. 3 Mar 1744, Ulster, Ireland grandson John FERGUSON Jr. b.~1792, Wayne Co., WV View
135616 Thomas FERGUSON b. 2 Sep 1784 Abraham FERGUSON b.~ 1803 VA View
ANC101 William Leonard FERGUSON b. 22 Sep 1777, VA   ANC
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U106 > Z156 > S5520 > FGC11672
80961NGS James KEDDIE b. 1689; m. 1715 Isobel MITCHELL in Markinch, Fife, SCT   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U106 > Z17 > ZP136
275164 Charles FERRIER m. Jean LYELL in Newburgh, Fife 1788 In the mid to late 1800’s the surname was recorded variously as FERRIER, FERRY and FERRIE  
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U152 > L2 > L562
101133 William FERGUSON, farmer b. 1723 d. 21 Mar 1802, Old Deer, ABD m. Jean WALLACE 28 Nov 1751 at Old Deer, Aberdeenshire   View
269471 Jeremiah FERGUSON, b. 1811 VA , d.1894/1900 Resident of Lee, MS in 1880 View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U152 > L2 > Z367
48505 Joseph FERGUSON, b.~ 1806 PA Joseph's father is probably James, b.~ 1777 PA  
283339 John C. FERGUSON b. Albany, NY or Canada Mar 19 1840; d. Mar 12 1920 South West Barton County, MO; m. Sarah BRADY 1865   View
157444 * Alexander FERGUSON b.~1820, Kirkgunzeon, Kirkcudbright Alexander Garvie FERGUSON born 27 Jun 1886 and baptised 15 Jul 1886 at St Peter's, Liverpool the son of William and Susan View
315487 James Henry STONE b. 1877, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England No father is named on the birth cert or baptism record of James Henry STONE b. 1877 thus I am pursuing the DNA match to a FERGUSON  
656240 Richard FERGUSON b. 1789, NC; m. Elizabeth BROGDON   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U152 > PF6658 > BY3847  
414675, 440453 John Eenis FERGUSON b . Nov 1833, KY Probably son of Paul FERGUSON who marrried Mahala GILSTRAP May 26, 1828, Butler County, KY View
452116 John Eenis FERGUSON b . Nov 1833, KY   View
637857 Paul FERGUSON b. 1805, SC; d. 1842, KY, m. Mahala GILSTRAP   View
141861 * John b.~1792 son of John FERGUSON of Knockinkerragh, county Londonderry Connection to the Ferguson of Burt is mentioned in a marriage settlement of Jane Ferguson, who married Hugh Montgomery of Benvarden, Co Antrim in the early 19th century, when John Ferguson of Knockinkerragh was given land as a kinsman of Jane Ferguson, daughter of Sir Andrew Ferguson. View
362985 James FERGUSON b. 1821 Lanark; d. 1887 Glasgow; m. Jeanie STEVENSON 1851 census: Calton, Lanark View
27670 John P. FERGUSON, b Apr. 4, 1828 in Jefferson Co., N.Y. He married Sarah C SNYDER on Feb. 15, 1857 in Riley, St. Clair Co. MI. I think that my gggrandfather was Samuel FERGUSON, b. about 1788 in New York View
563298 George Doughty FERGUSON b. 1794 Canajoharie, Montgomery County, NY   View
615531 George Washington FERGUSON b. 05 Nov 1838 Ohio County, KY;   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U198/S29 Basic
19881 Walter FERGUS m. Mary NOBLE 1877 Belfast, Ireland   View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U198/S29 > S15627
N97829 NGS William Howard FERGUSON b. 1840 NC, d. 1902 Monroe Co., TN Case for Jesse Triplett FERGUSON b. 1803; Wilkes Co., NC; 1880 census McMinn Co., TN : Richard Ferguson b. 1765 Virginia; d. 1854, Wilkes Co., NC View
Haplogroup: R1b > M269 > U198/S29 Superfamily A
46055 John Archibald FERGUSON b. 1806, Camlachie, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Suspect link to Archibald FERGUSON c. 1750 in Rutherglen, Lanark View
yDNA Results Pending
743514 Thomas Owen FORGUSON b. 1843, KY; d. 18 Nov 1918 Willis OK   View
746265 Aaron Elbert FERGUSON b. 1785 SC; d. 30 Sep 1861 LA; m. Patsy CALLAHAN   View
763451 Donald FERGUSON b. Oct 1776 Dorpat Estonia   View

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