Canada: Millbrook, Cavan Township, Durham County (now Peterborough County), Upper Canada (now Ontario) since 1836.

Ireland: Corroneary Manor, Knockbride Parish, Barony of Clankee, County Cavan likely since the last quarter of the 17th century.

Most Ancient Known Ancestor

The earliest ancestor from whom I can prove direct descent is one James Ferguson (born 1808) who emigrated from Corroneary Manor to Upper Canada in 1836 following the death of his wife and youngest son. JF and wife Mary (nee Wiley) are recorded in the Corroneary Presbyterian Church registers in respect of the baptism of their three children Alexander (1832), Esther (1834) and James (1836). Shortly after arriving in Upper Canada JF married the widow Catherine O'Brien (nee Parr) who bore him two sons, Thomas (born 1838) and Joseph (born 1840). JF's second wife died in 1841 whereupon JF married the widow Agnes Moore in 1844. JF died in Elma Township in 1870.


Canadian records suggest that JF's father was one Alexander Ferguson. This is probably the same Alexander Ferguson who is recorded as holding lands in Drumbinnis as late as 1819. Estate records trace this holding to a group of lands leased to an Alexander Ferguson in 1773.

Note also that an Alexander Ferguson is recorded as having been an elder of the First Bailieborough Presbyterian Church in 1791. Earlier Fergusons associated with this church include a Samuel Ferguson (1720; Elder) and a Thomas Ferguson (1707; Commissioner to the Presbytery on the occasion of the church being founded). This latter record is the earliest notice of a Ferguson in the barony.

Through the DNA project I hope to gain insight into:

  • The familial relationships between the early 19th century Ferguson families recorded in the Corroneary Presbyterian Church registers; and
  • My family's early migration out of Scotland and ultimately to Co. Cavan.


On request.

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