Much of the family's genealogy is recorded on William's headstone at Kirkconnel:
(see also descendants of William Ferguson)

Here lie the Bodies of William
Ferguson who died at Kirkconnel
8th of Sept 1793 aged 84 and of
Mary McCall his Wife, who died 6th
of January 1794, aged 72. Also the
Bodies of Adam Jannet Mary and
George their Children who
died in infancy. Thomas Ferguson
their Son lies near this stone who
died 11th August 1792 aged 46. Also
the Bodie of Elizabeth Hutchison
his Wife who died 6th August 1792
aged 47. They left 7 children to
bewail their loss. Died in Greenwich
near London, June 15th 1821
James Ferguson aged 73 by whome
this stone was erected and engraved
later by John his Brother

Look ere ye pass, both old and young
One serious thought we crave
We once had health, were gay as you
Though now laid in the Grave
As we are now, soon you must be
By death entombed in clay
This debt is sure, but for the time
'Tis an uncertain day

Erected by James Ferguson their son
merchant in London, 1796
Dishonour not the dead
neither give offence to the living
J. F. 1815

Alex. Ferguson died at Sorn on
10th day of January 1837 in his 77th year
Also Mary McMichael, his Wife
who died in 1842 aged 79 years

James, who died 1821, left a comprehensive will making specific bequests to family members including £2k to his brother Adam. It is from this Adam that I descend - see pedigree.

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