Niel may be son of John baptised Rothes & Duncurcas Moray 23 Sep 1768 and his surname may be FARQUHARSON.

  1. Neil FERGUSON b~1768; d. 16 Nov 1833; m. Mary McINTOSH 27 Mar 1811 Nairn Nairnshire d/o of Hugh McINTOSH and Catherine ROSS
  2. James FERGUSON b. 17 Mar 1820 Nairn, Nairnshire; d. 25 Jan 1863 Nairn, Nairnshire; m. Margaret SLORACH d/o George and Ann TAYLOR


Neil's children with Elspet Rose (Ross) d/o James Rose and Margaret Bluntoch were

Neil's children with Mary McIntosh d/o of Hugh McIntosh and Catherine Ross were

I have two marriage records for Neil in Nairn/Moray. The first is for Neil who married Elspet Rose 9 Jul 1791, proclamations in Auldearn Nairn and Dyke Moray. Second is Neil Farquharson married Mary McIntosh in Nairn 27 March 1811. All other records show the name as Ferguson. There is documentary evidence that the Neil who married Mary is my gt gt grandfather.

It is very unlikely, about one chance in 1000, that there were two men named Neil Ferguson in Nairn in the period 1790 - 1811. See attached note. [Note refers to an analysis based on frequency of occurence of the given name Neil in Scottish Ferguson births of the period]

Thus, if there was only one Neil he must have been born between 1762 and 1774 (married at 18 to Elspet and youngest child Helen born when 60) .

There is a record showing that Neil Ferguson died in Nairn aged 65 in November 1833 and was buried in Auldearn Cemetery on 18th November. This Neil was born about 1768 and is therefore the right age to be married to both Elspet and Mary

Neil had sons Donald (mother Mary) , Alexander (mother Elspet) and John (mother Elspet) . There are burial records for all three in Auldearn.

Elspeth's mother, Margaret Bluntoch had four children James, John, Elspeth and Colin. John and Margaret were witnesses at John Ferguson's baptism (mother Elspeth) . Margaret was a witness at Donald's baptism (mother Mary) and Colin was a witness at Mary's baptism (mother Mary) .

We know

  1. The Neil Ferguson who married Mary McIntosh in 1811 is my gt gt grandfather
  2. The probability of there being two men in Nairn named Neil Ferguson is very low, therefore it is highly likely that the same Neil Ferguson married in turn Elspet and then Mary
  3. The Neil who died in 1833 was the right age to be married to both Elspet and Mary
  4. The Ferguson boys buried in Auldearn Cemetery are the right age to be Neil's sons and are buried in the same cemetery as Neil
  5. Witnesses at various Ferguson children's baptisms had the same names as Elspet's siblings.
  6. There are no other records of men named Neil Ferguson in Nairn or surrounding areas in Nairn, Moray or parts of Ross and Cromarty and Inverness.

Conclusion, there was only one man named Neil in Nairn & surrounding areas and he was born about 1768.

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