My great, great, great grandfather was:
Olly Alexander Ferguson
Born:  sometime in 1795 in Pike County, Mississippi
Died:  sometime in 1832 in Sabine County, Texas
Married:  25 March, 1820  in Franklin County, Mississippi to
Drucilla Cook
Born:  22 February, 1802 in Hancock County, Georgia
Died:  4 May, 1865 in Sabine County, Texas
They had five children:  Roland Alexander (1822-1861), Milberry Beartice (1824-1854), William (1826-1908), James Edward (1829-?) and Olly Alexander, Jr (1832-1909).
My great, great grandfather was their 1st child:
Roland Alexander Ferguson
Born:  sometime in 1822 in Many, Sabine County, Louisiana
Died:  1 February, 1861 in Orange, Orange County, Texas
Married:  sometime in 1842 in Sabine County, Texas to
Mahulda Hulda Latham
Born:  sometime in 1824 somewhere in Arkansas
Died: sometime in 1880
They had nine children:  James Edward (1842-1904), Jeremiah Alexander (1845-1912), Nancy Anne (1846-1928), Green Berry (1849-1929) and Gram Berry (1849-1923), Drucilla Mary (1851-1920), Roland 'Bole" (1854-1924), Lewis Jefferson (1856-1943) and Mary Jane (1859-1920).
My great grandfather was one of the twins; Gram Berry:
Gram Berry Ferguson
Born:  29 October, 1849 somewhere in Texas
Died:  25 April, 1923 somewhere in Texas
Married:  sometime in 1871 somewhere in Texas to
Mary Elizabeth Sophronie White
Born:  ? January, 1854 possibly in St. Augustine, Texas
Died:  27 August, 1921 somewhere in Texas
They had five or six children:  Crockett Edward (1880-?), Walter Scott (1884-1946) and three or four girls whose names I don't have.
My grandfather was Walter Scott Ferguson
Born:  4 July, 1884 in Hemphill, Sabine County, Texas
Died:  25 June, 1946 in Houston, Harris County, Texas
Married:  around 1915 probably somewhere in Oklahoma to
Etta Clare Evans
Born:  18 January, 1895 in Sawyer, Oklahoma
Died:  21 February, 1920 in Blanchard, Oklahoma

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