A Possible father for my "orphan" (potential church record speak for illegitimate) 2nd GGF, Rev James M McCloud, b1854 or 1858, is an as-yet-unknown son of James C. Furgerson, b1801 NC, lived in Jackson Co AL in 1850, married Margaret Surratt b1805, in 1846. James M McCloud lived, in 1870, with a foster brother, Daniel Jackson Surratt. If the Furgerson connection is correct, they would also be 2nd cousins 1x removed. I also have a FamilyFinder (FTDNA Estimated 4th cousin, but on paper would actually be a 7th- possible if a large section become reversed, distant matches can seem much closer) cousin match to a lady who positively ties into the father of the common ancestor of Daniel Jackson Surratt, and Margeret Surratt, so it appears to be a viable theory. I have also a 2 step match Y-DNA with an individual who's most distant ancestor spelled his name Furgerson (a Thomas Jefferson Furgerson, b 1817) as well, and lived right east over the border in NC in early 1800s.

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