1. William Ferguson b. 11 May, 1764 Amelia County VA; d. 9 Dec, 1834 Habersham County, GA
  2. Henry Wood Ferguson b. 8 Feb, 1793 SC; d. 7 January 1848, Scott County AR
  3. William Leaton Ferguson b. 22 Jan, 1819 TN; d. 2 May, 1891 Logan County, AR
  4. John Wesley Ferguson b. 11 Oct, 1855; d. 12 Jan 1928 Logan County, AR
  5. William Alonzo Ferguson b. 1874 Scott County AR; d. 1946 Logan County, Ar
  6. John Wesley Ferguson b. Nov 21, 1920 Logan County AR; d. Aug 13, 1982

Vital Records

see William Ferguson and Judah Wood

2. Henry Wood Ferguson

3. William Leaton Ferguson


4. John Wesley Ferguson

5. William A Ferguson

5. John Wesley Ferguson

John Wesley Ferguson b. 1920 was the family bard during his life. He used to recount the names of the Ferguson male ancestors in the aforementioned way (without the dates) just as they had been repeated to him by his father and grandfather. One item that he also repeated, which I have not been able to verify, is that William's father was Edward or Edmund and that this was the individual who came from Scotland.
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