John and Frank
Description: From left to right, back to front:
A - Alex Ferguson (John Alexander Ferguson my ggrandfather)
B - Frank Ferguson (John Alexander's brother)
C - Martha Ann Sutherlin (the Ferguson boy's aunt)
D - Cora Sutherlin (daughter of William Thomas Sutherlin
E - Unknown Woman
F - Martha Jane Garrison Sutherlin (wife of William Thomas Sutherlin)
G - William Thompson Sutherlin (brother of Nancy Lauretta Sutherlin Ferguson)
H - Unknown Boy
I - Charlie Sutherlin (son of William Thomas Sutherlin)
J - Josie Sutherlin (1st name Clara, dau. Of Wm Thm Sutherlin)
K - Sophie Sutherlin (dau. Of WM Tho Sutherlin)
L - Lily Sutherlin (dau of Wm Tho Sutherlin)
M - Unknown Man (in back reading a newspaper)
Here is my Great grandfather John Alexander Ferguson b 1877 with his wife Minnie Ann Harvey (f John Harvey and wife Sinthy Grogan).

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