1. Wilson T. Ferguson, born September 2nd 1821, death September 26th, 1863, Married Sallie Sara Sisson
  2. George W. Ferguson, born in Virginia 1854, death in Forest Hills, West Virginia 1920, married Margaret E. Spangler
  3. James H. Ferguson, born August 27th 1888 in Floyd County Virginia, Death February 1970 in Rich Creek, Giles County, Virginia, Married Annie Laura Anderson
  4. George Ferguson, born September 12th, 1914 in summers West Virginia, death August 1974 in Belle, West Virginia, Married to Ruby Faye Glover.


Wilson: Born in VA (not sure of date - 1826?), died 26 Sep 1863. Parents were David Ferguson and Mary Sloan. Wilson married Sarah May (Sallie) Sisson 9 Sep 1847; he and his family show up in the 1850 (Roanoke 57th district) and 1860 (Floyd County, pg 20) census records. Wilson and Sarah had 8 recognized children: Elizabeth, Sarah C. (died at 18), Charles L. George Washington, Mary F., Ludlow B, John William (died at 4), and Effie Bell. Sarah (Sallie) continues to show up in the census records in 1870 and 1880. In 1880, she shows as a widow living with her daughter Mary F. Blackwell.

Sarah Sisson Ferguson: Second child and oldest daughter of Ludlow Branham and Catherine Grisso Sisson, b. 17 May 1821, Botetourt County, d. between 1880 and 1890.

Elizabeth (Betty) Sisson: 4th child and second daughter of Ludlow and Catherine Sisson, b. 15 May 1825 in Botetourt County, died in 1906 in Floyd County, VA (Simpsons). She had two children with no known father: Lidia Jane Sisson, b. 30 May 1851 in Roanoke County, d. 15 April (1890?); Timothy Preston Sisson (my great-grandfather) b. 14 July 1854 in Roanoke Cty, and died 28 Feb 1956 in Princeton, WV. His wife was Lucy Biar Smith.

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