Link to McGee's Y-Utility: Y-DNA Comparison Utility, FTDNA 111

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FTDNA order haplotype comparison
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Infinite allele mutation model

TMRCA (infinite allele model)
Mutation Rates:   Constant: Heinilia, 2012
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What's new (Aug 06 2017)

What's Modified (Aug 25, 2015)
This is a version of McGee's Y-Utility modified by Colin Ferguson to incorporate some new features:

What's New (May 1, 2011):
This version of the Y-DNA Comparison Utility has several new features:

This utility is free for your use. You are welcome to use this utility and it's output as you see fit.


Many thanks to Dean McGee for devloping his Y-Utility and putting it the public domain.
As this is a modified vesrion please do not bother him if something is not working correctly
instead contact Colin Ferguson.

McGee's Y-Utility: Y-DNA Comparison Utility, FTDNA 111