In Glencairn Graveyard there is a stone (see photo) with a latin inscription which has been partly translated to "The burial place of the Lords of Craigdarroch (NEC NON) Lords of Gatloch -- In the year of Our Lord 1635". It is curious that the stone is above a door to the McCall family burial enclosure [Ref: Churches and Graveyards in Dumfries and Galloway

The Lairds of Craigdarroch

The heritable line ended after 600 years with death of Robert Cutlar Fergusson in 1904. It has been greyed out so as to focus on the unresolved cadet lines, i.e. that of a younger son as opposed to the first born heir. Research on these lines could lead to the discovery of a living male carrying the yDNA representative of the family. [Chronological succession per Captain R Cutlar-Ferguson, 386, Records of the Clan, p. 386]

Vital Records

3.0 Thomas Fergusson

4.0 Robert Fergusson

4.3 Edward Fergusson

5.0 John Fergusson

6.0 Robert Fergusson

6.3 Edward Fergusson

6.4 Thomas Fergusson

7.0 William Fergusson

7.2 John Fergusson

Given that his sisters married in a range of about 1646 to 1665, it is estimated that John married sometime between 1640 and 1670. Assuming that children are born anywhere from 20 to 40 years after their parent's marry, then John's son William would then have been born between 1640 and 1690.

8.0 Robert Fergusson

10.0 Alexander Fergusson

10.2 Robert Fergusson

10.2.1 Anne Fergusson

12.0 Alexander Fergusson

12.4 Henry Fergusson


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