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The "Black River on the Moskito Shore" was a British settlement on the Mosquito Coast of present-day Honduras. [Wikipedia]. Poyer County is believed to be in that locale and named after the Poyer tribe. Alexander Fergusson of Craigdarroch, as evidenced by the two documents below, gets involved in land speculation in what would later be called the estate of Alberapoyer. A John Fergusson of unknown heritage arrives in 1776 to act as superintendent of the Mosquito Shore. In 1787, more than 2,000 settlers, mostly slaves, were evacuated from the Black River settlements. Most of them went to Belize, but others were relocated to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, or Roatán. [Convention of London, 1786]. A list of persons compensated for their losses in 1792 was published by The London Gazette, page 661 and page 662. The are no Ferguson on that list.


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