"Our branch of the family," writes the Rev. Samuel Ferguson, "was settled at Ardtrea (a parish) near Stewartstown co. Tyrone, I think about the time of the Plantation of Ulster (1610-13). I have heard of an old map of the Ardtrea estate, made in the seventeenth century, in which the name of an Alexander Ferguson is entered as a tenant of the farm in the centre of the estate. My father, now ninety years of age, Rev. Wm. Staveley Ferguson, minister at Grange, Co. Tyrone, told me years ago that three brothers Ferguson came from Scotland to Carrickfergus centuries ago; one of them settled at Ballyreagh above Cookstown, Tyrone; another his progenitor at Ardtrea, and a third somehow drifted to Cork. When I was at the University I met a descendent of the latter James R. A. Ferguson. He was a rather brilliant student in Civil Engineering.
[Rev. Samuel Ferguson quoted in Records Supplement, p. 101]

Rev. William Staveley Ferguson (1811-1894)

Ferguson of Cumberland, Nova Scotia

"My uncle was Rev. Alexander Ferguson, minister at Corboy, co. Longford, but before his death at Kilkinamany, co. Down. There is a family connection of Fergusons - David Ferguson - settled at Amherst, Goose River, Nova Scotia...
[Rev. Samuel Ferguson quoted in Records Supplement, p. 101]

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