William ffargissonne is listed as one of the men of James Lord Ballfoure, Baron of Clannally, Undertaker of 5,000 acres: he's no. 82 on a list of 99 names and he had 'no armes'
[ Muster Roll c 1630 in Trimble, W.C., History of Enniskillen, pub. by the author, Enniskillen, 1919 ]

Ferguson Distribution In County Fermanagh

Griffith's Valuation is a property survey that was conducted in Ireland between 1847 and 1864. Since census records prior to 1901 do not survive for Ireland the survey is used to get an idea of how the Ferguson were distributed in Ireland circa 1855. The map below shows how the 42 different Ferguson households were distributed within the county Fermanagh.

1901 Census - Heads of House

The table below shows the 37 Ferguson heads of house resident in Fermanagh 1901. The parishes with the largest numbers of Ferguson are still Inishmacsaint and Cleenish as depicted in the map above. Two of the lines from parish of Inishmacsaint have DNA tested and they are highlighted in the table below. Also, one participant whose ancestor was born in Fermanagh has tested, their ancestor is resident of the parish of Clones in 1901 but that part which lies Monaghan.
Surname Forename Townland/Street Parish DED Age Birthplace Occupation
Ferguson Patrick Ardunshin Aghavea Brookeboro 50 Fermanagh Agricultural Labourer
Ferguson Henry Cavanmore Cleenish Holywell 70 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Mary Derryhowlaght Cleenish Drumane 72 Fermanagh No Occupation
Ferguson Cormick Drumman Cleenish Gardenhill 61 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Luke Killycreen West Cleenish Gardenhill 50 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Richard Lisbellaw Cleenish Lisbellaw 66 Kildare Saddler
Ferguson Hugh Meenarainy Cleenish Lattoon 49 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson John Mullins Shellistragh Cleenish Holywell 22 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Bernard Slapragh Cleenish Lattoon 47 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Patrick Tebane Cleenish Lattoon 65 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Patrick Tebane Cleenish Lattoon 26 Fermangh Farmer and Catle Dealr
Ferguson John Tents Cleenish Lisbofin 70 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson John Clontivrin Clones Clonkeelan 40 Clones Labour
Ferguson Patrick Drumgormley Devenish Old Barr 45 Fermanagh Farmer
Fergison James Gorteen Devenish Garrison 48 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Robert Leighan Devenish Monea 28 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Terrence Scribbagh Devenish Garrison 50 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Robert Shankill Devenish Rahalton 42 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Thomas Stratore Devenish Doagh 45 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguisson Thomas Town Hall Street Enniskillen Enniskillen Urban 70 Fermanagh General Labourer
Ferguson Thomas Ardgart Inishmacsaint Churchill 30 Leitrim Farmer
Ferguson John Bohevny Inishmacsaint Churchill 40 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Bridget Brollagh Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 50 Fermanagh Housekeeper
Ferguson Elizabeth Conagher Inishmacsaint Roogagh 70 Fermanagh Farming
Fergusan Robert Dresternan Inishmacsaint Churchill 40 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Rose Drumnasreane Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 60 Fermanagh Farming
Ferguson William Farrancassidy Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 54 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Patrick Glen East Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 60 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson George Glen East Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 40 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Terence Glen East Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 40 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Andrew Glenleven Inishmacsaint Rahalton 35 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Thomas Meenacloyabane Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 38 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Edward Rossdagamphor or St. Catherines Inishmacsaint Rahalton 40 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson James Sand Hill Inishmacsaint Doagh 34 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson Elizabeth Tiranagher Beg Inishmacsaint Churchill 50 Fermanagh Farmers Wife
Ferguson William Tonnagh Inishmacsaint Churchill 50 Fermanagh Farmer
Ferguson William Tullyloughdaugh Inishmacsaint Inishmacsaint 50 Fermanagh Farmer

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