Andrew Ferguson, Jun., ordained at Burt 16 Feb 1725 as succesor to his father, died. 31 Jan 1787
[ Historical and literary memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland, 1623-(1800). By Thomas Witherow ]

Ferguson of The Farm

This family formerly resided in Scotland, but settled 250 years ago (as of 1895) at Burt House, County Donegal. Sir Andrew Ferguson, son of John Ferguson of Londonderry, and grandson of the Rev. Andrew Ferguson of Burt House, was created a Baronet in 1801. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Alexander, Esq. of Broom Hall, co. Londonderry, sister to the late Bishop of Meath, and niece to James, Earl of Caledon

  1. Rev. Andrew FERGUSON; b.~1655; d. Jul 18, 1725; m. Sarah (she d. Dec 30, 1728)
    • John FERGUSON, Surgeon d. April 1750. Buried in churchyard of Strabane m. Elizabeth HAMILTON as her 2nd husband. Only child of John listed is Elizabeth FERGUSON who died young. Will dated 28 Nov 1748 and proved 4 Sep 1751
    • Rev Victor FERGUSON (m. Dorcas according to diagram Public Records Office N Ireland Ref: T559 21 p.86)
      • James FERGUSON who married a Miss STEPHENSON (an heiress); parents of
        • John Ferguson of Ballywilliam who married a Miss BEGGS of Ballymena - parents of:
          • Thomas of Greenville m. Emma BENYON
          • John Fergus
          • Col George (Commanded Antrim Militia in Crimean War. Resided in Paris and frequently mistaken for Emperor Napoleon.)
          • Emily m. Hugh MONTGOMERY of Ballydrain (their Marriage Settlement - a huge document - is in Public Records Office NI. Her father paid £7000; his £2000!)
    • Rev. Andrew FERGUSON of Burt; b.~1699; d. 31 Jan 1787; m. Jane (she d. 9 May 1745); m. Jean (she d. May 9 1774);
      • Dorcas FERGUSON b.~1729; d. Mar 24 1787
      • John FERGUSON b. 1730; d. May 15, 1795; bur. St. Augustines Churchyard, Londonderry; m. Sarah HARVEY
        • Robert Harvey
        • Mary
        • Andrew b. Oct 7, 1761; d. Jul 17, 1808; bur. St. Augustines Churchyard, Londonderry, m. Elizabeth ALEXANDER
          1. Robert Alexander
            Sir Robert Alexander FERGUSON of The Farm, County Londonderry, and Derg Lodge, County Tyrone, born 26 Dec. 1796; was Lord-Lieutenant of the City and County of Londonderry : M.P. for the City of Londonderry since 1830, and Colonel of the Londonderry regiment of Miltia.' He died in 1860. - (Burkes Peerage, ed. 1860.)
            [d. March 13, 1860 in Dublin; bur. St. Augustines Churchyard, Londonderry2
          2. Anne m. Nov 1810 William BLACKER of Carrickblacker, MA, Lt-Col Armagh Militia, JP and DL, High Sheriff 1811 but had no issue3
          3. Sarah m. to the Rev. William KNOX, son of the Hon. and Rev. Lord Bishop of Derry; and has issue, William, Andrew Ferguson, and Thomas.
          4. Jane m. March 5, 1819 John MONTGOMERY, Esq. of Benvarden, co. Antrim; and has issue, Hugh, Barbara Anne, Harvey John, James Robert, and Isabel Dorathea. See also Stemmata Craufurdeania, Edmund T. Pomery, 1912
            [Note: John MONTGOMERY's brother Hugh MONTGOMERY married Emily FERGUSON daughter of John Stephenson FERGUSON of Donegall Place, Belfast.
          5. Harvey d. June 1824 at The Farm; bur. St. Augustines Churchyard, Londonderry2.
          6. Eliza m. in August 1828 to John George SMYLY, Esq., barrister, of Upper Marrion Street; and has issue.
        • Jane b. 1764; d. Oct 1785; bur. St. Augustines Churchyard, Londonderry
        • David Harvey b. 1774; d. Dec. 22 1787; bur. St. Augustines Churchyard, Londonderry
      • Sarah
      • Andrew FERGUSON b.~1742; d. Oct 16 1792; m. Mary (she d. Oct 7 1762); m. Ann (she d. Oct 20 1774); m. Lydia MCCLINTOCK of Dunmore (she d. Feb 17 1824)
        • Templeton FERGUSON b.~1763; d. Apr 17 1770
        • George FERGUSON died young
        • John FERGUSON b. 1777; m. Georgina dau. of Sir George RELTON Bart of Dublin; d. 20 Mar 1854, Dublin; solicitor resident at 25 Upper Gloucester Street North
          [John Ferguson of Gloucester Street in the City of Dublin sole heir named in the last will and Testament of the said Elizabeth Hastings.
          • Andrew FERGUSON d. 17 Oct 1814
        • Dorcas FERGUSON b.~1777; d. 26 Feb 1845, Londonderry
        • Rebecca FERGUSON b.~ 1778; d. 16 Jul 1842
        • David FERGUSON b.~1779; d. 10 Nov 1849
        • Robert FERGUSON b.~1782; d. 5 Oct 1840
        • James FERGUSON b.~1784; d. Oct 21 1859, Londonderry
        • Sarah FERGUSON b.~1789; d. 1807
        • Ann FERGUSON b.~1791; d. 28 Jul 1829
    • Thomas (m. same Dorcas as brother Victor according to diagram Public Records Office N Ireland Ref: T559 21 p.86 and had son Andrew)
    • Dorcas
    • Dau. m. MORSON
    • Ann m. Abraham James HILLHOUSE
      • Rachel b. 1720, Derry; m. Frederick MCCAUSLAND

Andrew Fergusons of Burt House

Ferguson of Burt House

In the book "Guide Through Ireland" by James Fraser,1838 is the following: "Buncrana is conveniently reached by various vehicles running from Derry. Proceeding by the eastern suburb of the city, at four miles we reach the Swilly. The ruins of Burt Castle and Burt House, the residence of Andrew Ferguson, Esq. lie to the left on the shore of the lough and near the base of Greenan hill."

In 1843 John Magennis of Burt House had his arms exemplified on assuming the name and arms of his maternal uncle, Andrew Ferguson of Burt House.

In a letter, dated 27th August 1784, from Lord Charlemont to Dr. Haliday, the following allusion occurs to the exertions of a Ferguson in the famous volunteers of the North of Ireland. ' You ask me how I found matters in the Episcopal city. As well as possible. . . . Ferguson behaved excellently well, and I think I may venture to say that I have left Derry nearly as Derry ought to be. ... At Derry I dined with the Mayor, and almost got drunk with old Protestant toasts.' - (Hist. MS. Comm., 13th Rep., App. Part viii.)

The Ferguson referred to was John Ferguson, commander of a company of the Londonderry Volunteer Association. Along with the Earl of Bristol, the Bishop, Colonel the Right Hon. Thomas Conolly, Colonel Edward Carey, and Captain Lackey, Captain Ferguson was a delegate from Londonderry to the National Convention of Volunteer Delegates of Ireland in November 1783. 'The bishop arrived in Dublin with a parade not very suitable to his ecclesiastical state, escorted by the Derry Horse.' -- (Letter of Mr.Secretary Pelham.)

Among the MSS. of the Duke of Hamilton is a letter from W. Fullartonne at Portpatrick, dated 28th July 1689, stating that in obedience to orders he had sent for intelligence from Ireland to one Dr. Ferguson, who had returned the answer enclosed, had desired the writer to warn the cruisers of some vessels in Carrickfergus Lough, and had also offered to meet them and give an account of affairs. The enclosure is long, and not very legible. It refers to the state of the Scottish forces whom the Irish look upon but as men only in appearance, beardless boys, silly souls, etc. That all the forces, militia, etc., were known to the Irish. He then refers to Derry, and expresses surprise at the delay of the English in relieving the town. He gives some particulars as to the movements and numbers of the Irish forces, estimating them at 40,000 men, levies being ordered of 25,000 more. He concludes by urging greater expedition on the part of the English forces.
(Friday, 26th July 1689.) - (Hist. MS Com., 11th. Rep., App. Part vi).

Gravestones and tablets in the ruins of Burt Presbyterian Church.

Transcriptions courtesy Celia Ferguson, 2009

John Ferguson of Knockinkerragh, county Londonderry

The connection to the Ferguson of Burt is mentioned in a marriage settlement of Jane Ferguson, who married Hugh Montgomery of Benvarden, Co Antrim in the early 19th century, when John Ferguson of Knockinkerragh was given land as a kinsman of Jane Ferguson, daughter of Sir Andrew Ferguson.
[Celia Ferguson, 2008 ]

1901 Census

Newspaper Records

Londonderry Sentinel
08-Mar-45 On Wednesday, the 26th ult., at her residence, in Pump Street, in this City, Miss Dorcas Ferguson, last surviving daughter of the late Andrew Ferguson, of Burt, Esq.
24-Mar-54 Suddenly, on the 20th inst., at his residence, 25 Upper Gloucester Street, Dublin, John, second son of the late Andrew Ferguson, of Burt House, Londonderry, Esq.
19-Oct-55 On the 11th inst., at his residence Burt House, county Donegal, Andrew Ferguson, Esq., D.L., J.P., in the 82nd year of his age.
10-Oct-56 On the 1st inst., at Burt House, county Donegal, Jane relict of the late Andrew Ferguson, Esq.
21-Oct-59 On the 16th inst., at his residence in this City, James Ferguson, Esq., last surviving son of Andrew Ferguson, Esq., formerly of Burt House, county Donegal.

Strabane Journal
12/02/1787 - Died at Burt in the 88th year of his age, Rev. Andrew Ferguson.


It has been suggested that the James FERGUSSON (son of Alexander FERGUSSON of Kilkerran and Margaret SYDSERF), a clergyman in England circa 1680 is a possible ancestor to this family.

College of Arms

The Arms and Pedigrees of both the Ferguson and Herdman families are registered with the College of Arms. Ferguson of Knockinkerragh and Articrunagh, of the Parish of Ballyrashane, of the City of Londonderry, all county Londonderry, of Conagher, Parish of Ballymoney, County Antrim, and of the Parish of Burt, county Donegal. (This family includes the extinct Baronetcy which died out with the death of Sir Robert Ferguson MP, 2nd Bart, of The Farm, Londonderry in 1860). and Herdman of Sion House, Sion Mills, County Tyrone and Carricklee, Strabane, County Tyrone
[Celia Ferguson, 2010 ]


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