The names of some of those who held farms from the Hamilton estates in 1681 and 1688 appear on rent-rolls of those years as follows (Hamilton Manuscripts, pp. 108-111, 125-131), the majority of these residing in and near the towns of Bangor and Killyleagh: .....Alexander Ferguson, Hugh Ferguson, Thomas Ferguson......
[The Scotch-Irish, Charles Augustus Hanna, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1902, p. 488]

Ferguson Distribution In County Armagh

Griffith's Valuation is a property survey that was conducted in Ireland between 1847 and 1864. Since census records prior to 1901 do not survive for Ireland the survey is used to get an idea of how the Ferguson were distributed in Ireland circa 1855. The map below shows how the 54 different Ferguson households were distributed within the county Armagh.

1901 Census - Heads of House

The table below shows the 50 Ferguson heads of house resident in county Armagh in 1901. Compared to Griffith's Valuation the parishes of Drumcree and Mullaghbrack are still prinicipal locales with seven families each. In addition the parishes of Lisnadill and Shankill now also have seven each. A Ferguson line from the parish of Lisnadill has DNA tested and is highlighted in the table below.
Surname Forename Townland/Street Parish DED Age Birthplace Occupation
Ferguson Alice Ballycrimmy Armagh Armagh Rural 40 Armagh Weaver Factory White Linen
Ferguson Alexander Ballyreagh Ballymore Poyntzpass 49 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Susan Montague Street Ballymore Tandragee Urban 60 Armagh  
Ferguson Edward Mullaghglass Ballymore Tandragee Rural 44 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson William Whitis Row Ballymore Tandragee Urban 60 Antrim Flour Miller
Ferguson John Tullyroan Clonfeacle Tullyroan 63 Fermanagh R.I.C. Pensioner and Farmer
Ferguson James Castle Avenue Drumcree Portadown Urban 66 Armagh Labourer
Ferguson Wm R Cullentragh Drumcree Tullyhappy 50 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Alexander Drumnesoo Drumcree Portadown Rural 64 Armagh Labourer
Ferguson Daniel Edward Street Drumcree Portadown Urban 66 Scotland Marchant Tailer
Ferguson Joseph Hanover Street Drumcree Portadown Urban 28 Tyrone Harness Maker
Ferguson Wm John Junction Row Drumcree Portadown Urban 56 Down Farm Labourer
Ferguson James Alexander Park Road Drumcree Portadown Urban 29 Tyrone Engine Fitter in Factory
Ferguson John Corr and Aughatarragh Eglish Glenaul 51 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson William Creeveroe Eglish Ballymartrim 66 Armagh Pensioner From Royal Artillery
Ferguson Mary Edenappa Jonesborough Jonesborough 48 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson James Faughil Etra Jonesborough Jonesborough 50 Armagh Dish Turner
Ferguson John Newry Street Kilclooney Markethill 43 Armagh Farm Labour
Ferguson John A Charlemont Square Killevy Camlough 44 Down Assistant Manager Linen Weaving Factory
Ferguson William George Creenagh Kilmore Kilmore 41 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Caroline Laurelvale (Village) Kilmore Mullahead 62 Armagh  
Ferguson Samuel Laurelvale (Village) Kilmore Mullahead 40 Armagh Roadmaker
Ferguson Ann Jane Balleer Lisnadill Ballyards 61 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Sarah Ballyards Lisnadill Ballyards 63 Armagh Housekeeper
Ferguson Susan Ballyards Lisnadill Ballyards 60 Armagh Housekeeper
Fergunson Ester Ballybrauly Lisnadill Lisnadill 65 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson George Drumbeemore Lisnadill Killeen 68 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson John Drumbeemore Lisnadill Killeen 43 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Robert Killycopple Lisnadill Killeen 76 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson James A Derlett Loughgilly Markethill 35 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Robert Mullaghmore Loughgilly Mountnorris 46 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Robert Ballyanny Mullaghbrack Markethill 70 Armagh Agricultural Labourer
Ferguson John Cabra Mullaghbrack Mullaghbrack 62 Armagh No Occupation
Ferguson William Drumart Mullaghbrack Mullaghbrack 28 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson James Drumorgan Mullaghbrack Hamiltons Bawn 67 Down Farmer and Grocer
Ferguson Robert Drumsavage Mullaghbrack Hamiltons Bawn 60 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson William Jas Lenalea Mullaghbrack Hamiltons Bawn 42 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson John Ballinacor Seagoe Kernan 74 Down Farmer
Ferguson John Castle Lane Shankill Lurgan Urban 52 Armagh Reedmaker
Fergusan Edward F Church Place Shankill Lurgan Urban 50 Down Boot and Clog Maker
Ferguson Adam Claytown Shankill Lurgan Urban 69 Down Cambric Weaver
Ferguson Robert Flush Place Shankill Lurgan Urban 35 Down Salesman in Shop
Ferguson George Union Street Shankill Lurgan Urban 49 Down House and Land Agent
Ferguson Joseph Victoria Street Shankill Lurgan Urban 54 Armagh Reedmaker
Ferguson William Victoria Street Shankill Lurgan Urban 26 Armagh Laundry Manager
Ferguson James Drummannon Tartaraghan Annaghmore 68 Armagh Farmer
Ferguson Charles Portnelligan Tynan Middletown 44 Monaghan Farmer
Ferguson Thos Tynan Tynan Tynan 46 Armagh Labourer Farm

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