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Early Settlement

Before the Plantation of Ulster, two Ayrshire Scots - James Hamilton and Hugh Montgomery - pioneered a massive migration from the Lowlands of Scotland to County Antrim and County Down. Starting in May 1606, over ten thousand mainly Presbyterian Lowland Scots made the short voyage across the North Channel, transforming barren Ulster into an industrial powerhouse. Their success inspired King James VI of Scotland and 1 of England's Virginia Plantation of 1607 and his Ulster Plantation of 1610. [Ulster-Scots Agency ]

The lands granted to Hamilton in 1605 included all the towns, villages and lands in the tuoghs of Moylinny and Ballinlinny. The perimeters of these toughs and the places therein are detailed in the patent rolls, suffice it to say here is that the are essentially the lands on the north and south sides of the Sixmilewater. [A Repertory of the Inrolments on the Patent Rolls of Chancery in Ireland, Commencing with the Reign of King James I. Vol. 1, Part 1, John Caillard Erck, 1846]

Sir Arthur Chichester (1563 - 1625) took up office as Lord Deputy of Ireland in 1605. In the period 1605-c.1608, in a series of transactions which are obscure and were probably underhand, Chichester obtained from James Hamilton property which '... more than doubled the size of his holdings in the county, extending them both northwards along the coast and, more significantly, into the interior beyond the valley of the Six Mile Water and as far as the town of Antrim ..., [and comprising] the tuogh or territory of Moylinny, which included Antrim town, the territory of Ballylinny, which included Dunadry and Templepatrick ...', [Foster/Massereene Papers]. His nephew Arthur Chichester in 1647 was created Earl of Donegall in the Peerage of Ireland. The Fergusons who settled in the Dongore area leased their land from the Earl of Donegall in the 1700s.

Chichester Estates

Chichester Estates circa 1630 - colored yellow
[Roebuck 1979]

Sir Hugh Clotworthy having been first a lieutenant of Chichester's became also a tenant. On the 10th June, 1606, Chichester conveyed to Sir Hugh Clotworthy part of the territory of Moylinny in Lower Clandeboy, at £10 a year. Those lands are described as a lease of '... "Massarine", which consisted partly of confiscated church lands and partly of the lands of the O'Neills of Killultagh. In accordance with his contract with Chichester, Clotworthy planted English and Scottish settlers on his lands. [Public Record Office of Northern Ireland Crown Copyright 2007 1 Foster/Massereene Papers (D207, D562, D1739 and D4084) ; also Stolen Waters: A Page in the Conquest of Ulster, Timothy Michael Healy, 1913].

1659 Census - Barony of Antrim

Ref: http://compsoc.nuigalway.ie/~dubhthach/clanmaclochlainn.com/
Tituladoes Townland Parish
James Adaire gent, John Boyd gent, Francis Shane gent, John Crawford gent, William Shaw gent.   Moylmey
Sr John Clotworthy Kt, Sr John Skeffington Bart., James Collvill Esqr.   Antrim
Teige O Hara, Esqr., Henry O Hara gent.   Kert

Principall Irish Names & Scotch [and] Their Numb.
Adire, 7; Armstrong, 5; McAlester, 6; Blair, 9; Boyd, 7; Browne, 6; McCormick, 6; Crawford, 7; McCullough, 6; Donnell, 7; Farguson, 6; Graham, 7; Hunter, 6; O Hara, 9; O Heveran, 5; Johnson, 8; McIlroy, 5; McKye, 11; McKinstry, 5; Kenedy, 6; Loggan, 5; Millar, 6; Mountgomery, 5; McMullen, 5; Moore, 7; O Neill &c, 6; Read, 9; Russell, 7; Taggard, 9; Wallace, 6.
Barony of Antrim: Eng., 620; Irish, 841; Totall of Eng. & Irish, 1461.


Place Type Barony Parish
Ballyclare Town Upper Antrim Doagh Grange
Ballyclan Townland Lower Massareene Killead
Ballywee Townland Upper Antrim Donegore
Crumlin Village, in the townland of Ballytromery Upper Massareene Camlin
Donegore Parish and Townland Upper Antrim Donegore
Fergusons Land Townland Upper Antrim Donegore
Fourmileburn Estate, in the townland of Moyadam adjacent to Fergusons Land Upper Antrim Nilteen Grange
Holestone Townland Upper Antrim Kilbride
Muckamore Townland Lower Massereen Muckamore (Grange of)
Parkland Village Upper Antrim Donegore and Nilteen Grange
Silver Springs   Upper Antrim Doagh
Six Mile Water Quarters Presumably a Garrison Upper Antrim  
White Park Estate in townland of Ballycor Upper Antrim Ballycor

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