We use GEDmatch as a platform for autosomal analysis. This allows one to take advantage of the tools that site has to offer and allows comparison to persons who tested at other labs. Those tools include the ability to triangulate and to search GEDCOM files. John Smeltzer, our co-admin for Family Finder, is happy to help with questions addressed to our mail list on autosomal testing and in particular the use of GEDmatch.

The following explains how to upload autosomal DNA data to the site GEDmatch.com


  1. Instructions as per GEDmatch wiki.


  1. Sign into your 23andMe account like "normal" ... choose the profile you wish to download
  2. On the upper right side of the screen you will see the word "Help" ..... click on "Help"
  3. In the lower middle of the screen that comes up it will say "Tools" .... click on "Tools".
  4. In the left column ... three blocks of choices down of the new page that comes up ... it will read "Raw Data" .... click on the words "accessing your raw data"
  5. On the screen that comes up you will see this link ...... 23andme.com/you/explorer Click on that link.
  6. In the upper right hand corner of the next page that comes up you will see a small .... somewhat discrete "Download" .... click on that.
  7. You will need then to re-enter your password for the kit you wish to download and use the "secret answer" to the question you signed up with ....
  8. Then in the lower right hand side of that same screen it will say ... "Download data" .... click on that.
  9. It downloads a 7 to 8 megabyte file in *.zip format to your default download location ... such as C:\Users\John\Downloads .... not sure what it is for you but it should be a "download" file on your base drive.
  10. Use that file .... do NOT unzip it .... and then sign into your GEDmatch account, find the "upload 23andMe data" section on the upper right side of the screen and then upload that file. Don't unzip it.
  11. Make sure you wait until the entire thing processes and you get the "Finished" command at the bottom of the screen before you leave the screen.


  1. Set up a free GEDmatch account ... go to www.GEDmatch.com and follow the basic sign-up instructions. You will need to use your email address and a password you choose to set up a free account .... there are no strings attached and no spam resulting from it all.
  2. Download your raw DNA data from Ancestry, it will be a *.zip file, to your computer. To do that sign into your Ancestry account like you always do. Then place your cursor on your screen over the term "DNA" at the top of your Ancestry Home page and click on it ... a drop down list will appear that gives you choices you can click on with your mouse.
  3. From the drop-down list next click on the link to "Your DNA Summary Results" using your mouse.
  4. To the right of your name (make sure you are at the kit you wish to download) ... you will see the word "SETTINGS" ... next click on that with your mouse.
  5. That action will bring up "Test Setting for (Name of kit holder)" at the very top of the page .... look to the lower right and find the area that reads: "Download your raw DNA data"
  6. Click on "Get Started"
  7. Enter your Ancestry password in the blank provided. This is the same password you use to normally sign into Ancestry.
  8. Click "Confirm" ....
  9. Follow the instructions and go to the email account where Ancestry sends the message for the last step.
  10. Download the file to a place on your computer where you know you can find it again.
  11. Sign into your GEDmatch account using your email address and password you recently set up.
  12. Now, look to the top right hand side of the page where it says "Upload Ancestry Data" .... note that the file MUST be in the original *.ZIP format .... do NOT unzip the file first. Some MAC's are set to automatically unzip and if you are using a MAC make sure that does NOT happen.
  13. Follow the instructions to a "T" ....
  14. Upload the data .... make SURE YOU WAIT for all of the chromosomes (1-22 plus the "X") to process like it says.
  15. Copy down the kit number that it gives you .... prefixed with an "A" for Ancestry kits ....
  16. Wait a couple days to get the kit processed .... and then run it in a "One to Many" search on GEDmatch. You can actually run comparisons in the "One to One" report function fairly soon after the upload.

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