This project is open to anyone world wide who has a Fergus(s)on ancestor and a suitable yDNA donor. The term Fergus(s)on refers to the surnames Fergus, Ferguson and Fergusson, variants of those names and any of the recognized sept names. A suitable yDNA donor is a male descended in the direct paternal line from their Fergus(s)on ancestor

Participants are required to provide information on their earliest known Fergus(s)on ancestors for inclusion in the participant listing and to allow their results to be included in the results pages. These two requirements serve the project's main purpose as a genealogical tool. They also act as a recruitment tool since internet search engines will index the information allowing people searching for an included lineage to find our site.

The principal file accessed by the menu above is the listings for the project participants. The listings include the earliest known ancestor of each participant and links to additional detail. If you are trying to discover if you share a common ancestor with somebody in the project use of the search engine is your best bet (tip: leave out the word Ferguson or you will get a hit for every page).

Project participants are subgrouped by haplogroup and clade or cluster. A project participant should first look in the participant listings to see which subgroup they are in. Once a participant knows their subgroup they can then look for their results presented in one of two formats: (1) separate pages with analysis for each haplogroup or (2) a link to the FTDNA data tables showing all haplogroups on one page.


How to Participate

Sharing of data is a project requirement! Participants are required to provide information on their Fergus(s)on ancestry which is then posted on this site along with test results and analysis.

join Click here to join and if needed order a DNA collection kit.

ContributeContribute to our General Fund which is used to purchase kits for non-genealogically oriented FERGUS(S)ON whose lineage is of interest to the group as a whole because they can document a lineage back to the UK in a time frame preceding civil records. To this end genealogies of families of interest are presented and worked forwards in time with the goal of finding living males willing to participate in the project as sponsored benchmarks; see Ancestral Fergus(s)on Families.

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